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Well, sort of. I got curious about my top fics for each fandom to see if they had anything in common. So, I took fics from every fandom with more than 3 fics and looked at the top two of them. And I tried to note anything that seemed to be trending period at the end.

Some are large fandoms, but most are small )
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Pictures of my bookshelves, large but not completely huge.

Bookshelves )
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Cleaning the house... some stuff out of drawers.
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This is for additional information on my Yuletide fandoms.


Aug. 22nd, 2016 06:05 pm
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I had to keep this quiet because I was pinch hitting, but here's my Parallels fic:

With Wasp and Wren (713 words) by Estirose
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Zero Escape (Video Games)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Onesided Junpei/Akane
Characters: Tenmyouji Junpei, Diana (Zero Escape)

Junpei has a conversation with a stranger and wonders about his abilities, in a world alternate to the events of ZTD.

I had to figure out how to squish Junpei, Diana, Snake, and Akane into the same fic, since I had nothing that said I could leave anybody out. It came out mainly Junpei with a guest appearance by Diana and mentions of Akane and Snake. Not perfect, but my recipient didn't complain!

I had to write alternate to Zero Time Dilemma, as I did not start playing until shortly before the fic needed to be completed, and mostly started the game so that I could double check facts without spoiling myself too much on the Zero Escape wiki. (I think I spoiled myself a little bit, but I'll live.) Also, I tried to keep the fic as non-spoilery as possible for people who hadn't played ZTD.

Most of my focus was on Junpei and his Esper abilities - or lack thereof. I believe it's semi-official that Junpei actually doesn't have much in the way of Esper ability himself, and a lot of what he does do in the way of Esper stuff is related to Akane. He's just enough of one that he can do certain things in canon. The confusing thing is that he's considered to be one in every game he's in, even though probably 99% of what he does is through Akane. Also, there's not much focus on what it's actually like to be an Esper, even in fanfic, so I tried to explore that as well, from poor Junpei's perspective. I'm not sure if anybody gave him a good idea as to what being an Esper was, but I think he learned a little about it between the events of 999 and the events of this alternate universe.

Also, I listed it as onesided Junpei/Akane. There is some canon to indicate she reciprocates his feelings, but he might not realize it in the fic.
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I need to take my mind off of some nasty RL stuff, so I'm running a poll. Long story short, I had to get a new tablet after a previous one died. I name all my computer-type electronics. (Blame the people who named the Imagewriters back in college, where we had Kirk, Spock, and McCoy in my freshman year.)
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This mentions a scene that's in the gameplay demo, but still spoilercutting it to be safe. (Theree's also how many times characters have run into a certain common ZTD situation, but I've tried to be vague.)

(Also, if you have not played Zero Time Dilemma, be aware that it, like the rest of the series, has quite a horror theme to it even if it's considered a puzzle solving Visual Novel.)

Spoilers will have Diana panic at them )
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It's hard to avoid spoilers in Zero Escape fandom right now, especially if you are factchecking things. So, I bought this so I could play it and stop getting spoilered.

Minor spoilers, I hope, first impressions, and a lot of talk about the Japanese dialogue )
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I wrote a Ghostbusters (2016) fic about Patty, who I totally love. I think it's influenced by something someone posted on Tumblr, but I can't locate the post to credit the person if it exists. :(

It's also something that's kind of personal - even though I didn't act on the idea for at least a decade, it was a university reference librarian who got me interested in possibly becoming a librarian (and every librarian I've always asked about the topic has been more than happy to talk about their work and what I'd be getting into on the job). I actually have all my coursework for Library Tech, I think, except for the internship class because I didn't want to work at two libraries (one at a time) on top of a 40 hour workweek. And then I switched to being an accounting major, as that does not require an internship. Just a ton of pre-calculus level math (incidentally, my spellcheck does not understand "pre-calculus", and I've confirmed I'm spelling it correctly).

What amuses me is that I wrote a fic about Patty slowly ending up a private librarian and it's gotten more hits in 48 hours than most of my fics get in months (enough to be the second highest hit fic in 2016 for me). I'm not used to writing in such an active fandom! I just love talking about the importance of research and reading (and libraries), and I'm so happy that people want to read about Patty and her growing resource collection.
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Non-spoilery: It was great! It didn't gross me out, it kept the plot moving, it didn't trigger my humiliation squick (which I thought it would), and the climax was so good.
And spoilery stuff )
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So, presumably Remix Redux 13 is a thing, and again has no tagset. I'm planning to participate, hopefully with my new archive up (right now it's 90% really old AO3 fics).

Like last year, I'm planning to "request" (put up for remixing) four broad umbrella fandoms and maybe one or two small fandoms. The umbrellas are Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and Zero | Project Zero | Fatal Frame series, and I might also put in Earth: Final Conflict and Starman (TV).

It's always an interesting time of year, because I have to go back and see what fandoms have 7 fics complete over 100 words (or 5 fics of over 500, but I almost never have one like that), finished and not a crossover. For example, I have the qualifying number of Starman (TV) fics, but not Final Fantasy II (too many crossovers). It's also why I put in the umbrella fandoms, because there are some cases where I might meet the 7 minimum through several series.

I also am considering writing more fic in a few series. Possibly Sekirei (where I need 3 more fics) or GARO Makai Senki (where I only need 1). Stardew Valley is a vague possibility, but I only have one fic that is not about my Player Character, and I don't know if someone really wants to write about Alyssa.

ETA: I forgot about the downsides of using umbrella fandoms! While I've written most of the Power Rangers seasons, I've got great gaps in Kamen Rider (I haven't seen much of the Showa seasons and I haven't seen portions of Agito or Ryuuki), my Super Sentai is pretty scattered (though you're in luck if you want to remix Gokaiger), and while I've got fics for all 5 of the main games of Fatal Frame, I haven't written anything for Shadow Priestess (the manga), Gekijoban Zero (the Japanese movie), or Spirit Camera because I haven't been following the manga, haven't seen the movie, and need to beat Spirit Camera (please you stupid hand stop being so difficult).
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Cut because I realized that there are some vague spoilers for Zyuohger (and a rumor that caused my plot bunny to perk up), and slightly more concrete spoilers for Zero Escape through the end of VLR. No spoilers for ZTD because I'm trying to remain mostly unspoilered for that.
Spoilers )


Jul. 3rd, 2016 07:41 pm
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Googled a certain 3DS/Vita/Steam (PC) game I'm considering buying at some point in the near future. Made the mistake of adding the name of where I live to it. I might have accidentally spoilered myself. Whoops?
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Author: Estirose
Fandom: Stardew Valley (video game)
Title: This Town And That Town
Rating/Warnings: PG; Pam swears some. (Also, mention of a certain thing working when it is not at the beginning of the game, and a location you can find out about early on but don't get to meet probably for quite some time.)
Characters/Pairings: Harvey, Pam. Background Maru/Alyssa.
Word Count: 969
Summary: Harvey is the only person on the bus when it happens and Pam is injured.
Notes: for HC_Bingo, prompt "Vehicle Crash". I've tried to read up on concussions since Harvey is a doctor. Also, fits into my Alyssa storyline after "Whispering Something Along The Lines" but before "Have This Dance With You". Any misspellings with Pam's dialogue are intentional since she is concussed.

(Title is from a translation I ran across for "Gera Gera Po no Uta".)

On the way to the Calico Desert )
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So, I posted 12 fics to AO3 this year for my ficspam, because I wanted a mix of new and old! Well, 11 fics and a new part to an ongoing one. Five of the fics were completely new - a slightly shippy Fantasy Life fic featuring Allan/PC, a set of Power Rangers Dino Thunder ficlets posted together, the followup to Mysidia Tower's Shadow (a Fatal Frame II/Final Fantasy II crossover), and the two fics for Unconventional Courtship, which are a second-gen Kamen Rider Ghost pairing and a Stardew Valley Shane & Maru friendship.
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This was my entry for fandomweekly challenge #13, Superstition, with a word added and something fixed.

Goshdangit! )


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