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I have a prompt collection at AO3 if you want to leave me a prompt! But I realize not everybody uses AO3, so have a post in which to post prompts for me.

Fandoms and such )
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1. I got my assignment for [community profile] remixrevival and I think I have a story that I can remix! I matched on a bigger fandom than I usually write in, and one I need to canon review, but hey, at least I have something!

(I'm hoping my collection of stories isn't too overwhelming for the person who got me. I write a lot! I'm sorry.)

2. I'm still trying to get inspiration for FandomGiftbox! I'm hoping to make 3 fills, more if I can.

3. I got MiiTopia in the mail yesterday. I'm currently enjoying it, and may have my first fic for the game. (Although I'll have to find new names for my main and my trio of companions, as my MC is named after me, and my companions are Yuelia, Laura, and Erion.)

ETA: I've gotten to where the Dark Lord snatched all my companions away and now I have Mafuyu and Kirie. I'm sure I'll get a third party member, and then I'll add Miku. Or Yae.

4. Just a bit of talking about last month's fic )
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I signed up for [community profile] remixrevival! I ended up with a selection of fandoms that I think would be good, and included Power Rangers, Kamen Rider, and the Fatal Frame series in general. Hopefully people will sign up in those fandoms so I can have something to remix (I did offer some big fandoms so I have someone I can remix, but I'm hoping I get someone in one of my regular fandoms.) You only have to have one fandom that's considered remixable (5 fics of 100 or more or 3 fics of 500 or more) to join.

Remixes are fun and interesting - you take someone else's fic and put your own spin on it - it's almost like picking up a prompt from, say, Yuletide and writing it. I've written remixes of drabbles before - "Noble Boxes (The Doomed Italian remix)" for Doctor Who (classic) and "Coldish Hell (The Frozen Face Remix)" (Plants vs Zombies).
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I'm doing [community profile] remixrevival this year, because I love doing remixes. I looked at all fandoms on AO3 where I think I have the minimum requirements (5 over 100 words or 3 over 500 words) and had more than 5 fics. I'm curious to see if anybody on my FL is considering doing Remix Revival, and if so, what of my fandoms we might match on. (Note that there are fandoms here that I know are problematic and I know some of my FL doesn't like them, but I'm including them anyway for the sake of completeness.)

This got a bit long because I write in far too many fandoms. )
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Snagged from [personal profile] lost_spook because I'm a bit bored:

Pick any story I've written, or, in the case of my longer, chaptered works, any chapter from any story I've written, and comment to this post with that selection. I will then give you the equivalent of a DVD commentary on that snippet: what I was thinking when I wrote it, why I wrote it in the first place, what's going on in the character's heads, why I chose certain words, what this moment means in the context of the rest of the fic, lots of awful puns, and anything else that you’d expect to find on a DVD commentary track.
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Unbirthday ficspam #11~

Summary: People believe in Trent, despite everything, even if he doesn't feel like he deserves it. (G; mentioned Trent/Kira)

On AO3 here.

'Penny for your thoughts?' )
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Ficspam #10.

Summary: Haruhi likes to walk alone in Boston. (G; Post-manga with spoilers)

On AO3.

Boston was a city of walks, or at least the area around Boston College was. )
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Unbirthday ficspam #9!

Summary: Angie is trying to get herself and her sister reversed, but it's not easy, especially since she has to live Marie's life for the moment. A tiny followup to "Impostor Syndrome".

It was tiring, reading though all of Marie's notes. )
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Unbirthday Ficspam #8!

Summary: Ellen figures out how to get out of the dungeon without magic. It is, unfortunately, not the way her professors expected her to do it. (G; Small spoilers for the third exam, instructions quoted from the game.)

On AO3 here.

The exit to this dungeon has been hidden. )
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Unbirthday Ficspam #7!

Summary: Kiriko successfully transforms into Drive. (G; AU to series)

On AO3 here.

Kiriko paused as she settled Mr. Belt around her waist. )
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Unbirthday fic #6~

Summary: Jin returns to Engineering... for the moment. Ryuuji is not sure what to make of this. (G; Jin/Ryuuji)

On AO3 here.

(I like writing in the GSIB universe, even if it's kind of a joke fandom and everything is pretty much original fic in it.)

Ryuuji was proud of his people. )
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Unbirthday Ficspam #5!

Summary: Hilda knows that the world has to repopulate, but she knows the dangers of that, too. (T; references to mid-game events)

On AO3 here.

Hilda watched her advisers as they came in and out with reports. )
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Fic #4 for my Unbirthday Ficspam!

Summary: The books in the cell at Kurosawa House have been waiting a long time. (G; small spoilers for parts of Fatal Frame II)

AO3 version here.

(I intended to have only the books show up, and then Mio and Mayu decided to come too.)

It was a small, intimate library. )
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Fic #3 for my Unbirthday Ficspam!

Summary: Kirie watches the Family Master slaughter the Himuro family, and is happy. (T; canon-typical violence, mostly courtesy of the Family Master, with child death)

On AO3 here.

This is both an expansion and an AU to the flashback scenes in the game, as I had the Family Master die in a slightly different place than he did die in-game, I believe.

It felt so good. )
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Fic #2 for my 2017 Unbirthday Ficspam!

Summary: Eldred comes up with an unusual candidate for Damien's future wife... it's the girl named Katida who, along with the butterfly, saved the world.

Naturally, Demona is less than pleased. (G; discussions of an arranged marriage but none occurs in this fic. Vague references to both the main storyline and Origin Island.)

Also on AO3.

Basically, I wanted a fic where the PC was totally uninterested in Damien, but had some vague royal blood that made her maybe possibly acceptable as the future wife of the young sultan. I don't ship Damien/PC at all, but after seeing so many unfinished Damien/PC fics, I just had to write this plotbunny! I also didn't want to use Erion, who I established being in a relationship with Yuelia, and thus a new PC!

'Are you quite sure, Eldred?' )
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So, here's the first bit of my Unbirthday Ficspam! I wrote 14 15 (fairly short) fics, which I'll be posting in order by fandom, two of which are going by the name local to me instead of the AO3 name.

Summary: Erion wants to make sure Yuelia isn't homesick. (G; Yuelia/Erion, spoilers for the end of the main game and the Origin Island storyline.)

Also on AO3.

'Do you miss your home?' )
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(ETA: I had four, but now I have five, because I forgot something!)

1. I've written about half a dozen things for my Unbirthday thing from prompts I came up with myself, and hope to write more. I still welcome prompts, but I hope to start posting around 11 PM UTC on the 12th. (That's 3 PM American PST, and 6 PM American EST.) I'm trying to add a lot of wordcount as I'm way behind on [community profile] getyourwordsout. (I should be at about 67191 right now, but I'm closer to 38,000.)

2. If someone wants to write me fic for my upcoming birthday (which is this week, scarily enough), I'd love one of the following prompts (under the cut):
prompts )

3. [community profile] treatyoselfcomm is looking for cheerleaders! There are an awful lot of people who don't have cheerleaders, including myself. :(
I'm doing this exchange-of-sorts less as a way to get rid of a plotbunny, but instead to write more of Chiyo/Gako in my Agender Ganma universe because it's writing to my own iddy desires, and it adds wordcount.

4. I'll also be working on some of my WIPs during the treatyoself period. I've got part of the next part of "By Ghostly Ear" written, and after that I'l work on "Not Good Enough For Thee", "Gape For Future Joy", "The Dreamt-of Call" and "Second Son", probably more or less in that order.

5. [community profile] remixrevival looks to run starting July. I have about 20 fandoms that have enough fics for me to put out for remix, though I'll probably concentrate on Power Rangers and Kamen Rider (along with Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, and I'll also do Fantasy Life if I have enough fics). Five of my Power Rangers fandoms (R.P.M, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Time Force, and Turbo) and ten of my Kamen Rider fandoms (Kiva, Drive, W, Gaim, Kabuto, Blade, Ghost, OOO, 555, and Den-O) are possibly eligible, though some of them might end up falling off the radar once I drop the fics that don't qualify (crossovers, WIPs and cowritten works).
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I wrote three fics for All In The Family! My main fic was "Impostor Syndrome" (Original Work), I wrote "An Apparition Not Looking Up" (Kamen Rider Drive) as a pinch hit, and "It's Not Fair, Not Fair" (Final Fantasy IV:The After Years) as a treat.

Incidentally, my gift was written by elwing_alcyone. I suspected it was them because they were the other Fatal Frame requester and they like writing Ryozo and Yae. (I would have written for them except I couldn't get any plot bunnies, and someone wrote Kureha for them, which makes me happy.)

Links and notes under the cut )
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My yearly Unbirthday thing is coming up. I'd love it if people could drop me prompts so I can post some lovely fics next week.

If you feel like it, drop me a fandom and a word or two and I'll see what I can write. If I don't get anything, I will probably write random fics, but I'd rather write for people!

ETA: My general prompts post, which has my fandoms on it!


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