Apr. 3rd, 2017

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I got my assignment for All In The Family, and I can write at least two fics for it, I think. I also am likely to write at least one other fic for the exchange, and maybe another, depending on muses.

I'm seriously thinking of writing for Soulbonding Exchange. I just have to attach the tropes I want for the various fandoms - I know the Red String/Cord for Mafuyu and Kirie, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do for Akane and Junpei, or Akane, Junpei and Carlos. I'm afraid I know much more about what I want to write than what I want to request.

As for WIP Bigbang, someone kindly broke the tie on my poll but more votes are welcome up to midnight UTC tomorrow. (If I fail to remember to register, I'll at least pledge to finish the fic in question.) Right now, the leader is "The Dreamt-Of Call".

ETA: Dragon Age Inqusition works better on my minimum spec replacement laptop than the one I bought it for, so far.

And some spoilerish stuff on Rune Factory 4 )


estirose: A blank book (Default)

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