Jun. 11th, 2017

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I wrote three fics for All In The Family! My main fic was "Impostor Syndrome" (Original Work), I wrote "An Apparition Not Looking Up" (Kamen Rider Drive) as a pinch hit, and "It's Not Fair, Not Fair" (Final Fantasy IV:The After Years) as a treat.

Incidentally, my gift was written by elwing_alcyone. I suspected it was them because they were the other Fatal Frame requester and they like writing Ryozo and Yae. (I would have written for them except I couldn't get any plot bunnies, and someone wrote Kureha for them, which makes me happy.)

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(ETA: I had four, but now I have five, because I forgot something!)

1. I've written about half a dozen things for my Unbirthday thing from prompts I came up with myself, and hope to write more. I still welcome prompts, but I hope to start posting around 11 PM UTC on the 12th. (That's 3 PM American PST, and 6 PM American EST.) I'm trying to add a lot of wordcount as I'm way behind on [community profile] getyourwordsout. (I should be at about 67191 right now, but I'm closer to 38,000.)

2. If someone wants to write me fic for my upcoming birthday (which is this week, scarily enough), I'd love one of the following prompts (under the cut):
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3. [community profile] treatyoselfcomm is looking for cheerleaders! There are an awful lot of people who don't have cheerleaders, including myself. :(
I'm doing this exchange-of-sorts less as a way to get rid of a plotbunny, but instead to write more of Chiyo/Gako in my Agender Ganma universe because it's writing to my own iddy desires, and it adds wordcount.

4. I'll also be working on some of my WIPs during the treatyoself period. I've got part of the next part of "By Ghostly Ear" written, and after that I'l work on "Not Good Enough For Thee", "Gape For Future Joy", "The Dreamt-of Call" and "Second Son", probably more or less in that order.

5. [community profile] remixrevival looks to run starting July. I have about 20 fandoms that have enough fics for me to put out for remix, though I'll probably concentrate on Power Rangers and Kamen Rider (along with Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, and I'll also do Fantasy Life if I have enough fics). Five of my Power Rangers fandoms (R.P.M, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, Time Force, and Turbo) and ten of my Kamen Rider fandoms (Kiva, Drive, W, Gaim, Kabuto, Blade, Ghost, OOO, 555, and Den-O) are possibly eligible, though some of them might end up falling off the radar once I drop the fics that don't qualify (crossovers, WIPs and cowritten works).


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