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I'm going to do WIP Big Bang this year. I've done a quick narrowing down of fics I'd like to finish. Since I write in a wide variety of fandoms, I'm going to do a quick pitch for each of them regardless of fandom.

ETA: I've added "Scions of the Tomb" to the list, but unfortunately I can't put it in the poll. The blurb/teaser is in the comments.

While this is a big bang, and therefore I might have a bit of trouble finding someone who can do an illustration for any of the Kamen Rider ones, I'm pitching them anyway. (This is especially true for the Kamen Rider Kiva ones, because they are all female Watarus. I liked Kiva, but by holy heck did it have its problems with its portrayal of women, and so I write Wataru female as often as possible now.) Also, I realize that some of the story plots can be squicky, and I'll note common triggers after the title and fandom.

Please read the pitches and vote which one(s) sound the most enticing, limit of 4. This is an anonymous poll, so if you have any comments or favorites and don't want to break anonymity, please use the text box. (If you don't care, or can't use the poll, feel free to leave a comment.)

The Dreamt-of Call (Power Rangers RPM)
During the war against Venjix, Doctor K's morphers each chose a different person. She has found the first three, but the last two elude her. She and her team find the last two candidates, a conman named Ziggy and a partial cyborg named Dillon. Getting them to bond to their morphers is only half the battle - Venjix's attacks against Corinth are increasing, and between his Attackbots and the individual issues of the team members, Corinth may not survive. Can Doctor K and her team get it together before the last human outpost is destroyed?

Song In a Painting Of The Crimson Moon / Finding A Little Sister In The House (Kamen Rider Kiva) Brother/half-sister incest for both of these, though very much more so in "Song In A Painting".

(These two are in the same entry because otherwise putting them in the same poll sounds repetitious; they're different versions of the same plot with characters at different ages.)

In "Song In A Painting", a young woman named Wataru has sworn vengeance against Taiga, the King and older brother that she despises. However, she soon finds out that she's Taiga's Queen. In a universe where King and Queen are drawn to each other, both psychically and sexually, Wataru must find a way to resist her destiny and get her revenge.

In "Finding A Little Sister", Taiga finds out after Bishop kills his mother that he has a half human little sister. He must work to find her and protect her - despite humans that want to keep her human, a loyal friend of his mother's who tried to keep sister safe, and advisors who would rather see her far out of their lives - and far away from the possibility of becoming Taiga's Queen. Can Taiga manage to keep Wataru safe from everyone, including herself?

Photo of a Child In The Moon (Power Rangers RPM) Universe has a form of mpreg, but there should not be any mpreg in the fic.

Ziggy had a choice - to remain in jail or to get into the bed - and the pants - of a scientist named Doctor K. Funny thing was, these government people thought that he could produce a child with her. But Ziggy finds out that Doctor K is neither interested in a child or him. After the agents threatened him about his inability to do his job, Ziggy confesses the whole scheme to Doctor K - who comes to a conclusion that neither he nor she expected. Now Ziggy might find himself doing far more than taking care of one slightly absentminded scientist....

In Happiness You'll Die (Fatal Frame III)

Reka's mansion, Miku knows, causes grieving survivors and family members a chance to be their loved ones one last time in their dreams, gradually causing them to die in their sleep so that they can stay with their dead loved ones. Miku herself is partially immune - she'll never succumb to the curse, but she's always drawn there when she falls asleep. But Miku's friend and housemate Rei is starting to appear in the dream, and Rei is not immune. Can Miku, her dead brother, and a couple of friends break this pleasant curse before Rei dies?

Not Good Enough For Thee (Kamen Rider Kiva)
Wataru has been dating her childhood friend, Mio, for years. Their happy life is disrupted when a man named Taiga appears, claiming to be the older, fully Fangire half-brother Wataru didn't know that she had. Wataru, to keep her Fangire-hunting family safe, goes off to Taiga's company to convince him to let her go. This attempt goes disastrously wrong, and now Wataru must rescue Mio and a new potential boyfriend, as well as find a way to keep her world intact.

As Opposed To Someone Else (Kamen Rider Drive) Mentioned unwilling surgical modification.

When Heart discovers that there are two more of his kind, the Roidmudes, two mostly-organic children named Kiriko and Gou, he must rescue them and help them adapt to their new lives as Roidmude. Finding that not all of the Roidmude are as kind or as accepting as Heart, Kiriko and Gou must find their way out of there - and they succeed. However, years later, Heart finds his two lost children, and now Kiriko and Gou must defeat a scheme put into action by a pair of Roidmude so dedicated to Heart's happiness that they are willing to destroy Kiriko and Gou for it.

By Ghostly Ear (Fatal Frame I) Antagonist has an incest kink. Okay, part of the antagonist has an incest kink. It's complicated.

When Mafuyu wakes up to an afterlife with a corrupted Kirie, he doesn't anticipate the twisted love that she has for him. To make matters worse, both his sister Miku and his friend Yuu stumble into the place with no idea of what they're getting into. Kirie turns Miku into a free-willed ghost and Yuu into a perpetual wanderer of the fish farming area of the mansion. Now, Mafuyu, with some help from a slowly corrupting Miku and a part of Kirie's soul must figure out how to save the next intruder so that they can save them all. But with Kirie paying too much attention to him, can he pull it off?

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Which of these sound the most enticing?

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The Dreamt-of Call (Power Rangers RPM)
2 (100.0%)

Song in a Painting of a Crimson Moon (Kamen Rider Kiva)/Finding A Little Sister In The House (Kamen Rider Kiva)
0 (0.0%)

Photo of a Child in the Moon (Power Rangers RPM)
0 (0.0%)

In Happiness You'll Die (Fatal Frame III)
0 (0.0%)

Not Good Enough For Thee (Kamen Rider Kiva)
1 (50.0%)

As Opposed to Someone Else (Kamen Rider Drive)
0 (0.0%)

By Ghostly Ear (Fatal Frame I)
0 (0.0%)

Other unfinished story I'll mention in the comments!
0 (0.0%)

I'm not sure, but I'll tick this box anyway.
0 (0.0%)

Any favorites of these, or any other comments you'd like to make?


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