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I needed to write short stuff (as I'm stuck on my All In The Family stuff and I don't want to write another part of any fic until I get my All In The Family stuff done), so random fics! As a reminder, if you would like to see some less random prompts, please visit my Prompt Post.

Under the cut:
1. Cave (Tomorrow's Future universe, Michael and Greer)
2. Tire (Kamen Rider Drive AU)
3. Guarantee (Kamen Rider Gaim post-series)
4. Downtown (Kamen Rider Kiva, set during Second Son)
5. Reply (GARO Highschool AU, featuring Marie Brown)
6. Real (Kamen Rider Ex-aid set around episode 20)
7. Scale (Fantasy Life, featuring Erion)

1. Cave

"Isn't it beautiful?" Michael asked.

Greer turned towards him. "It is," she said, "But all this way to see a cave system?" It was unfair, she knew. Michael liked such odd things, sometimes. All she knew was that it would be an awful place to have a sword fight.

And yet, Greer thought as she looked around, there was a certain beauty here, too. This was a different ecosystem, of sorts, though she was no biologist. She had never been in a cave system, never had to, and yet maybe her life was better for it.

2. Tire

"Tire change!" the Drive Driver - well, Krim Steinbert - announced. Kiriko kept her eye on her Roidmude target as the tire around her changed out to Justice Hunter's. Her best partner - not that she'd tell any of the other Shift Cars that - would help her keep the Roidmude in check, saving lives just as hers had been saved that day.

It was the least, after all, that she could do.

3. Guarantee

There were no guarantees in life, Akira knew. Nothing could have prepared her for her brother's new life, his transformation, the fact that she never saw him much now that he'd gone to another planet. After all, she never thought that her little brother would have become a god! It wasn't something within anybody's frame of reference.

Takatora Kureshima was trying as best he could, but he didn't have much experience either. Still, it was good that he cared, she mused, even if he couldn't explain what had happened to her brother and why he was now this way. It was bizarrely soothing to spend time with the man who had indirectly caused her brother to become what he was, but Akira told herself that any port was what mattered in a storm.

4. Downtown

Yuki liked shopping.

Nobody really noticed her, because she blended in with everybody else. Plain, nothing special, boring girl who escaped notice, and that was how it should be. After all, she liked looking at clothes, but she also liked looking at salespeople, deciding which one she would hunt later on.

This time was a little different. How often did she get invited to date the King's little brother? She wasn't sure what kind of clothes she should get to go out with him. Maybe he wouldn't care, but she wanted to make the best impression. If Noboru hadn't mysteriously disappeared, she'd have taken him shopping just to have someone to make sure she didn't get anything wildly inappropriate for this kind of thing.

This time, she was alone. But she tried not to let it matter, because she knew she had to do it, and if nothing else, the Kuramaes always liked making the best first impression.

5. Reply

"Fudo-san. Welcome to California." The woman who met him outside of immigration was smiling warmly. "I'm Marie Brown. I'm glad that you could come."

His mother wanted him to marry this woman, but she had steadfastly refused in her replies. But she had wanted to meet him, and so he'd been sent off before he could get five words out. His mother had packed his bag for him, imploring him to make a good impression on the woman.

"Pleased to meet you, Marie-san." He tried to politely bow, suspected he spectacularly failed, and hoped that she wouldn't notice. Even if she would turn him down again, he didn't want it to be because he was rude. He wanted to learn more about fire magic, and she could teach him about it. Even if his magic was very basic and he hadn't formally learned much, he knew that she would be a good teacher. She had seemed so patient with Mio, and Mio had spoken highly of her. There was nothing to be gained by not trying, so he would, in all things, try.

6. Real

Emu closed his eyes as Hiiro prepared for his surgery. After all that had happened, he knew that he had to be operated upon, even if it meant that he couldn't transform anymore - at least until he became immune.

It wasn't something that bothered him, actually. He shouldn't be transforming, not with the Game Disease rampaging through his body. What would happen if he transformed? He'd already been near death once, when he'd found out that he was essentially Patient Zero. His friend had died already, and he would likely be next.

It didn't seem real, but he knew that it was real. He had to accept everything that happened. Everything was falling apart, and there was nothing he could do except keep his eyes closed and hope that finally, finally, everything would be over.

7. Scale

"Aargh!" Erion exclaimed. Taylor and Odin, who had helped her fight the Napdragon, turned towards her at the sound.

"Are you all right?" Taylor asked, looking at her in concern. For a tailor who hit monsters with her purse, Taylor was pretty competent, and Erion loved having her along.

"Yes, but for the fifth time, why can't I get any dragon scales? You'd think something would drop and I wouldn't have to fight the Napdragon so many times!"

She hated fighting the Napdragon, to be honest. Not because the Napdragon was a hard battle at her level, but because of the love that Laura had for the creature. Even knowing that the dragon would come back didn't make it any easier. And yet, to keep Taylor from being overwhelmed by a stronger dragon, she would keep attacking the Napdragon over and over until she got exactly what she needed for armor. And then, maybe, she'd take her friend out for lunch at whatever restaurant Taylor wanted to go to. After all, hunting dragons could be dangerous, and she could hardly ask Taylor to do it forever and for no reward.
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