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Unbirthday ficspam #9!

Summary: Angie is trying to get herself and her sister reversed, but it's not easy, especially since she has to live Marie's life for the moment. A tiny followup to "Impostor Syndrome".

Heth Rather Neither Joy
by Estirose

It was tiring, reading though all of Marie's notes. Even though she'd gotten some of Marie's intellect during the switch, and could read Marie's handwriting, it still wasn't something she was used to.

But if she ever wanted her body back, she'd have to get through it. Marie was helping her - or actually, she was helping Marie - but Marie still kept insisting it would be better if Angie just stayed in her body, and really, nobody would ever remember the experiments she did on them and Angie was safe.

She'd remind her sister that she loved Marie just the way she was, and she'd like her body back, thanks.

Since Marie was so reluctant, though, Angie had taken it upon herself to see what the notes said so that she could try to reverse things. She'd known it wouldn't be very fast -especially since they'd had to go back to work, and having to pretend to be Marie and know what Marie knew was exhausting. It left her little time to really put things together.

But having to spend time pretending to be Marie had taught her that it was possible to be Marie, especially with those parts of Marie that hadn't transferred. She'd just have to keep working, keep reading, keep trying, until things were finally right again.
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