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Actually, it's November with a slight bleed into December, but close enough.

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I sometimes take a look at what stories of mine get hit most on Here’s April-June of 2011.

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Currently, everything functions fine, except being able to “edit” the properties of the story I really want to work on – that is, I uploaded, but cannot post, part 5 of “Dreamt-of Call” to the site. Every other story, hitting “edit” brings up the edit page, but I get an error message when I try to edit that particular blasted work.

On the good side, people seem to be reading it, and eight people seem to be interested enough to want to get alerted on it, which is nice because it’s a bit of a strange story.

Other-news-wise, I do need to write part 8, my weekend is turning out to be surprisingly uncluttered, or at least Sunday is, and I’m waiting for Remix Redux assignments to go out. (I ended up with 1 official and 1 optional qualifying fandom (Power Rangers and Kamen Rider Kabuto, respectively), and offered to remix in three – Doctor Who, Power Rangers, and Kamen Rider Kabuto.)

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Upon occasion, I try to get an idea of what stories have hit the “top 5″ for and AO3. Here’s the results, under cut.

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I just posted the first part of what’s insisting on being a (very, very slowly written) story. It’s “The Call Can’t Read Rap Sheets”, and it’s now going to be a full story instead of a one-shot. I’m writing the next part right now.

(ETA: I renamed the fic because my quick sketch-out of plot says it’s probably going to be more team-focus than Ziggy-focus, and so it’s now “The Dreamt-of Call”.)

This gives me 100 fics on AO3, though it only shows 99 due to a locked fic that’s only visible to logged-in users. I wasn’t anticipating my 100th to be RPM, but I guess the muse will go where the muse will go.

I’m also working on the notes to the whole “Harder to be Brave” storyline.

I posted the original one-shot version of “The Call Can’t Read Rap Sheets” on, but changed my mind and pulled it. I’m still thinking on whether I’m going to post the fic or just the one-shot. (One of the reasons I pulled it is that the one advantage that ffn has is that it allows me to see breakdown of hits by chapter/day/country, and for some reason today it’s not registering any hits, which makes it kind of useless.)

ETA: It’s now back up as the full-fledged fic. With a slightly different title, because idiot ffn seems to dislike hyphens in titles. *headdesk*

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159 hits today on, or at least as of when I posted “Easier to Hide”. To emphasize how relatively high that is, I usually run around 18-25 hits/day. The only thing I can figure is that it’s been so long since I posted anything to the Power Rangers category, that a bunch of people who’d never heard of me decided I could write, looked at my profile, realized I’d written a bunch of other PR fics and a lot of other stuff, and started reading. A lot.

Gratuitous screenshot of ffn’s breakdown by day of month below the cut.

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Okay, this one just makes me scratch my head.

I’ve added three fics to lately. (For the record, they were for Final Fantasy II, +Anima, and Hana Yori Dango.) They’re all short one-shots, complete, and last I checked, marked that way. The last one even has “Complete” in the summary.

So, why do people mark the box for story update notifications? It’s not like I’m ever going to add chapters to those particular fics, and if I write more fics in those fandoms, it’s not like they’re going to get notified….

(Oh, and I’m pulling all my Esperanto fanfics from ffn. They were near impossible to find for Esperanto-speaking readers, and I suspect most of my hits were from people who saw my name and didn’t check what language it was in. At least I can tag my Esperanto fics on AO3 so people don’t miss what language they’re in, and they’re easier to find for people who want to read fanfic in Esperanto.)

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