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This is what my plot bunnies do when I set them loose. Vaguely in the "White is the Color of Guilt" universe. Karone and Kendrix.

Untitled )
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I don't know whether to call this (sub-)Fandom "Star Trek (2009)", "Star Trek Reboot", or "Star Trek AOS", because I've seen all three today on my fic-reading binge.

In any case, have a totally random Kelvin crew member who won't even give me her damn name.

Um, fic? )
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Gai gets injured in an attack, and of course, wants to keep fighting.
fic )
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A followup to "In Love With Your Ghost". Leo is ready to court Kaoru. (Warnings for mentioned major character death; speculation as to the idenity of a major villain.

Fic )
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This does contain some speculation as to the identity of Jyaku.

Summary: Leo is there for Kaoru when Kouga dies.
Fic )
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"Unwanted Wings" has been a WIP for... several years now. Here is me attempting to write a shorter alternate version.

Fandom: Kamen Rider Kabuto
Rating: 8+
Alternate to episodes 20-21, and spoilers for same.
Summary: Kagami didn't want a partner after TheBee.

Squeezing Lemons )
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This is Rook universe, focuses on Nao (Bishop). Rated 8+.

Nao and the bed )
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Um. Can't think of a title, yet. But here's a Masao ficlet. Spoilers for Kiva 48.

Masao rebels )
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I'm sick, I'm snuffly, but I'm writing again!

It's another installment in the "Sweet as Sweet Can Be" universe, set as Taiga's about 10 and Wataru's 8. Some spoilers for late (39+) Kiva, rated 8+.

Patterns and fangs )
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I wanted to review the entirety of Kamen Rider Blade, with a focus on Kenzaki. So here's 30 drabbles in his POV. The rating is 8+. Word count is 3000. Oh, and spoilers for the entire series.

Summary: Kenzaki goes through a lot in a year.

A lot )
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This is a Katie/Trip fic for [ profile] mariko_azrael. It's rated 8+ and is post-series. 755 words.

Summary: Trip's brother comes to town.

Noble Calling )
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A while ago, [ profile] amazonstorm gave me permission to write in her "Paradise Lost" universe. Apparently, my brain's been turning that over ever since, and finally gave me this fic. It's not quite set in her universe, but is kind of a "What if" off of her universe, in this case, "What if Taiga had other reasons for doing what he did?" Like the original universe, this is AU. And it's 8+, word count 3757.

Summary: Taiga keeps his baby brother safe because his baby brother insists on not being safe.

The Smiling Illusion )
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This is kind of meant for [ profile] scifisentai's birthday, except that I was hoping it would be... longer. It's Decade, Yuusuke/Tsukasa, some spoilers for episodes 4-5. Rated 8+

Summary: Tsukasa has a few rough spots, personality-wise.
Word count: 161

Polish the Gem )
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This is an AU that I've been playing around with. Since I've been word-warring for [ profile] getyourwordsout, I got a bit done on it today. Here's part one.

Title: To Dance the Dance
Author: EstiRose
Fandom: Kamen Rider Kiva (AU)
Rating: 8+
Summary: Mio knows that loving a human means death. But she does it anyway.
Word count: 3726 (this part)

Mio is brave )
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Title: At the Temple Gate
Author: EstiRose
Fandom: Kamen Rider Blade
Spoilers: mid-20s
Rating: 8+
Summary: Nobody tells Nozomi anything.
Word Count: 235

'He's there, they're there, we're here, nobody's anywhere!' 'Have you considered a job as a politician?' )
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Title: Keeping the People Safe
Author: EstiRose
Fandom: Kamen Rider Kiva
Rating: 8+
Spoilers: ep 48
Summary: Masao keeps his people safe, too.
Word count: 647

Protector )
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I... don't know really how to list this without spoilering things. It has spoilers for Decade 4 and also for the entirety of Kiva. It's my theory on why certain things happen the way they do in the episode's universe. It really has more to do with the universe and less with the Decade storyline.

Title: Heal the Lonely Heart
Author: EstiRose
Fandom: Kamen Rider Decade/Kamen Rider Kiva
Spoilers: Episode 4, Decade/Entire series, Kiva
Notes: See above. Tsukasa and the Decade characters do not appear. Happens prior to the events of episode 4.
Summary: There is a lonely prince living in Dran....
Word Count: 454

Heal the Heart )
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Written for a reader who's doing JET interviews tomorrow.

Title: Completely Forgetting Every Word
Author: EstiRose
Fandom: Kamen Rider Kiva (Sagat universe)
Rating: 8+
Summary: Taiga has plans for making the Sagarc-Fangire relationship even stronger.
Word Count: 596

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