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This is kind of a post for random comment-sized fics. I'll be putting them in the comments and indexing them as needed.

Note that most of the Garo entries take place in a kind of High School AU set in the world of Kamen Rider Fourze. Yes, it's complicated. Some others take place in the Go-Busters universe.
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... But I did one dealing with the events of episode 19 of GARO Makai Senki for [community profile] fan_flashworks.

I can't share it here per comm rules, so I'll just link it.

Note that the wallpaper is a bit PG-13 due to the what was revealed in the episode (this is GARO, after all) and does heavily spoil the backstory of a set of characters.
estirose: Mio from Makai Senki looks at an old book. (Mio Makai Senki w book)
This follows up "Passing A Note of Friendship", which takes place in a GARO Makai Senki high school AU. (Note that this story and the last one feature characters that are a major part of episode 19 and this contains spoilers of sorts for one character's backstory.) It's pretty G-rated, considering the POV character's views.

Summary: He's not sure about his brother dating someone, but he trusts Mio.

He trusts Mio )
estirose: Mio from Makai Senki looks at an old book. (Mio Makai Senki w book)
GARO Makai Senki icons, 21 of them! Mostly Leo and Mio, spoilers for 18 and after.

14 Leo
2 Leo and Kaoru
1 Leo and Mio
3 Mio
1 episode-related icon.


Find all of them here.
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Spoilers for Garo Makai Senki 18 in this fic. It's a quick reaction to the end of it, and will no doubt be jossed by subs/the next episode. Summary under cut.

fic )
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Spoilery image below cut.
Garo Makai Senki 18 )
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A followup to "In Love With Your Ghost". Leo is ready to court Kaoru. (Warnings for mentioned major character death; speculation as to the idenity of a major villain.

Fic )
estirose: A girl reaching for a wing floating above the ground. (Kaoru Picturebook 1 - GARO Makai Senki)
This does contain some speculation as to the identity of Jyaku.

Summary: Leo is there for Kaoru when Kouga dies.
Fic )


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