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Actually, several things got done today, which makes me happy.

However, I'm just going to note one here: "Feeling For The Right Things", a Kamen Rider Gaim ficlet, futurefic, spoilery for series, Takatora/Akira (sort of) posted to fan_flashworks.

ETA: And I continue my bad habit of (unrelated, in this case) fic in the comments.
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Still very spoilery for late (mid-30s to present) Kamen Rider Gaim. Makes more sense if you read "Kappa".
A summary for those who haven't read Kappa )

The actual fic )


Aug. 19th, 2014 07:22 pm
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Long story short, our complex is being repainted and looks much better than it did. I just wish I'd gotten the blue/yellow scheme instead of the green/brown one. *sigh*

Now trying to move everything back in my garden and taking care of chores before the weekend. Joy.

Work-wise, things are kind of dreadful but tolerable. I'm applying for jobs right now because I am getting rather tired of the high-level politics. (Seriously, they won't even let us put in a new voicemail message for our public line that says "Please listen *carefully* to this message." Because, well, people don't.)

And a ficlet set during my Gaim fic 'Smoothing Skirts' part 6, Takatora POV, because I don't want to lose it )
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More Kamen Rider Gaim fic, highly spoilery for episode 41:

Mowing Down The Strong. Summary: Kaito wonders if he and Kouta are going to have to be enemies once more.
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I apparently need to feed my entire Gaim muse population a sleeping potion (or Lock Seeds that will make them go to sleep) so that I can get back to my WIPs. Seriously.

Where The Children Are Free (990 words) by Estirose
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kamen Rider Gaim
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Characters: Kazuraba Kouta, Kureshima Takatora, Takatsukasa Mai
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence

They bury him at the estate, in the end, the three of them. Because they're almost the only ones who would cry.

What if things went differently in 36?

Big Brother's Instinct: He should have seen Kouta's worth earlier. Set also in 36 (and actually inspired the fic above).

And of course, Smoothing Skirts chapter 6, where Michi doesn't want to go home.

In the meantime, I had a tussle with a censorware company. They classfied the site I'm using to recreate Dots as "Sports". I webformed them and said, "no, this is not sports". So they classified it as "Placeholders" (sites with no content/of no worth) instead. I finally emailed them and said, "look, not only did you not email me as I requested, you had the nerve to set it as 'Placeholder', it's a fanfic archive, please fix."

They finally did. Thank goodness.

And I seriously need a Gaim icon.
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Wanted to keep these organized, so they're in the comments. They all feature Michi, the genderbent Mitsuzane I created for "Smoothing Skirts", but they're not stuff that I really want to put on AO3 right now. One is a universe where Takatora discovered that Michi was Ryugen far earlier than in canon, and another is where Michi is sleeping with Kouta - slight underage due to the fact that Micchy/Michi is 16 and Kouta is 20.

Michi wakes up to find that her brother knows she's Ryugen, Ryouma ends up giving her a Genesis Driver Just Because He's Ryouma, and how Takatora found out in the first place. Also, Michi meets Ryouma, Takatora talks to Ryouma after Michi's exam, and Michi originally doesn't want a Genesis driver.

Michi has to get birth control pills for her cramps, and Takatora tries to reassure her that he's not upset. However, Michi really got it in case she decided to sleep with one of her Gaim teammates, and likes to observe Kouta as he sleeps after they've had sex.

Alternate POV/Missing scene for Smoothing Skirts part 6, and a crackfic fragment inspired by same where Michi decides to try to get Takatora to disown her.
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The good news is that my rearchiving project has finally gotten into a format I like and is going well. Currently, it's mostly stuff from Dreamwidth (like a recent set of Kamen Rider Gaim ficlets and commentfics) and the current Dots (archiving through Charmed).

But instead of feeling confident about my writing, my inner editor-type processes are working overtime. The ones that say that I can't write and maybe it's a good thing that nobody reads a lot of my fics, and maybe I shouldn't post to AO3, just into my own little corner so that people don't have to read my goshawful fics.

It's even affecting my in-progress stuff, which I'll go into under cut.

Academic uncertainty, or why in the heck did I think I could even start to cover the complexity that is love in Fatal Frame II? )

And now Kouta may be crushing on Michi which I did not mean to stick into Smoothing Skirts really )
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Just quickly, two new(ish) fics, Kamen Rider Gaim fandom:

Seeds: Takatora is trying to do things right this time.

Smoothing Skirts (564 words) by Estirose
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kamen Rider Gaim
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Kureshima Mitsuzane
Additional Tags: Genderbending

Michi does her best to balance out her worlds as a corporate heir and a dancer with Team Gaim.

The first one needs a new title, but I'll eventually find one for it. The second one is a genderbent Micchy, and I could go on and on about it; however, suffice to say that I can easily see a genderbent Micchy going down the same path as canon!Micchy (with maybe a little different version of "Oh, Kouta, stop doing things I have to fix for you, seriously, what do I have to keep you out of trouble?"). And it may yet get new parts, but it's marked as complete just in case this is too ambitious.

ETA: And now with bonus commentfic (note: sexual relationship between a sixteen year old (Michi) and a twenty year old (Kouta) implied).

And more fic in the commentfic's universe, for [community profile] fan_flashworks! Pass the Forest By, wherein Michi and Kouta prepare to have sex for the first time around episode 16.

And even one more fic, Takatora POV. Michi gets what she wants.
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So, now I have to retidy my house so that I can get HVAC contractor(s) in to give me bids. I took the house apart looking for my test materials for Monday's test.

At least looking where I was on Dots and trying to catch up.

Also, had long meeting at church to determine what we are doing as we go into suspend.

On the other hand, I'm now very relaxed.

Did I mention I watched part of Kamen Rider Gaim? Have a ficlet, AU to 15. )


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