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This is an essay, or at least a bunch of musings about the "Harder to be Brave, Easier to Hide" storyline. Like the fics it talks about, I need to put warnings on this. I talk about attempted suicide, suicidal ideation, and some methods of committing suicide. I'm going to eventually put it on Dots, but I thought that I'd post it here, first. It's over 3000 words long and covers every single fic in series.

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* I’m happy to have finished my fic for finishathon! Now to see if I can dredge up four requests for fic for parallelsficexchange (as usual, I’m having more problem coming up with requests than offers). My help_the_south winner is suffering a bout of RL but I have an idea of what fandom they’re going to request. (I know it’s something Kamen Rider, possibly Kabuto or Blade.) My next major ficathons are going to be Yuletide and PR Remix.

* I’m looking forward to the next round of Government Controlled Cats. One of my entries for round 2 is currently in the top 3 for votes and will hopefully stay there.

* I’m participating in an interview for TIME magazine (along with a few hundred other fans) and the discussion is very, very interesting. As one participant has observed, there’s a distinct Western, live-action, active fan skew in there (a lot of the advertising was done by OTW, the AO3 folks). I find it funny because a lot of the fandoms I started out in were Western (as opposed to Asian) live-action series, but I mostly write Japanese-based series nowadays.

* My archiving is going nicely, considering I’m using mostly-compliant HTML and I’m trying to make sure that it’s accessible. I’m currently up to 32 works and am in the middle of Earth: Final Conflict fanfic. (I got slightly slowed down by one of my fics because it’s a crossover with about eight major characters in it.) I expect to be in Earth: Final Conflict fanfic for a while, as I wrote a lot of fic. (It was my first major fic-writing fandom, believe it or not.)

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At some point I should write a post on how sometimes those issues that make me less than priveledged in some ways makes me not give a shit when I’m dealing with trampling other peoples’ feelings and issues. But now, I am going to reflect instead on how it feels to have ny own feelings and issues disregarded, thanks to one (hopefully temporary) dental hygienist that probably shouldn’t have been working in a practice that caters to people with dental phobia.

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Here I go pseudo-academic for a bit and try to figure out things about RPs, playing styles, and the gift economy of fandom. Um. Please bear with me?

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I found a crossposter for Wordpress and LJ/DW, so I am testing it.

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So, there are some quirks so far to this install. It’s 2.9, which means that everything isn’t up and cooperating yet. There are two plug-ins that don’t work; one that’ll give me icons similar to LJ/DW’s, and one that will give me openID, so those people wandering over from OpenID services don’t have to have fun with CAPCHAs.

(The CAPCHAs are unfortunately necessary; I ran the old Inkwell quite a while without them, and then had to add them when a spammer happily took advantage of it.)

In the meantime, I’m still figuring how to work posting what when where. For example, I love my OC alt-Watarus; but I’m aware not everybody does. Which is why estorise existed. Now, that being said, they are now again mixed in with my regular fics.

And fics that are being continued off of LJ will be linked back to LJ, of course.

I initially had a problem with the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin wanted to advertise on the rss feed, but I fixed that. I rather like YARPP (I use it extensively on Ghostly), but not adverising on my rss feed, thanks. :)

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No, it's not a fic. For once. Amazingly. It's meta.

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But with college classes and a paper due and real life happening, only a little fannish stuff happened.

Anyway, I'm going to dive back into my stuff, I thought I'd ask, since I'm a bit brainblocked on this.

Are genderbends considered OCs? I would think so, they're considered part of [ profile] occhallenge, but I've only started writing them (a genderbended Wataru, in fact) so I'm not sure what to do.

And hopefully not long thoughts about what I've been writing, which reflects my not so great year so far )


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