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On Google+, and their name is "Shiba Takeru". I've RP'd against two Shiba Takerus, and I have no clue which one this is. #1 and I have not talked in years, and #2 probably doesn't go under that name on G+. (The only name I recognize on their flist is likely from CFUD, and both of them have been on that RP.) I'm thinking it's somebody I've emailed, because otherwise I've picked up a very random person who happens to be a fan of a series that I also happen to be a fan of.

*Shakes head in amusement*

ETA: Took a chance and added them anyway. I don't use G+ except every six months or so.
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Randomly for tonight:

* Playing Alien Crossfire (the expansion pack from Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri) for the first time. Playing as the Gaians. The Data Angels immediately stole data files! Goshdarnit.

(I have Alpha Centauri for the Mac and Windows, but inserting the disc annoyed me, so I decided $6.00 was cheap for game + expansion. The fun thing? Since is in Poland, my bank thought it was a suspicious transaction. That being said, it's been recommended on sites I frequent for getting licensed copies of old games, including rather old Dos ones.)

* Finished up level 1 of my claim for fandom_level.

* Need to get back and kill some more ghosts in Project Zero 2 Wii. I'm aiming for Promise Ending this time around, though I'll take anything.
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Just a heads up... is likely dying in October 2013, because of the 10 year limit on domain name registrations. I'll be going to a different estirose, probably.

ETA: I'm getting conflicting information on this. However, since my host will keep renewing my domain over 10 years, I'm keeping it.
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Barring short fics, and my project with Tptigger, which I'll also be working on.

* Burden of a Cradle (Gokaiger)
* Dreamt-of Call (PR RPM)
* Song in a Painting (Kiva)
* Speaking the Knowledge (KR Double)
* Useless Things KR Kiva)
* Arrogance (PR Dino Thunder/KR Blade)

I don't know what I'm going to tackle first.

If Finishathon comes up, I'm also adding a plot bunny for its poll, but I'm going to try to not start a new longfic right now.

ETA: Just posted my (first) Magical Diary fic. Yes, the name Mary Sue is the default name for the character. I am not kidding.
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1. I helped my neighbor with putting ads on Craigslist. This was interesting, as Craigslist insisted on sprouting forty zillion tabs every time we did so. And she had ten items. And we had photos for those ten items. But they all got up!

2. I finished posting my ficspam on AO3, with the exception of one more part of "Arrogance". I'm pleased that people liked "Must Be This Tall", which I dug out of my Dreamwidth entries.

3. I'm 3/4 of the way through level 1 of [community profile] fandom_level's challenge, having done 6 of the 8 metas for that level on the Fatal Frame games. I just posted on the blind ghosts of the game, and the next one will be on blood. The eighth topic is tba. I've been sending them to a lady that I've been acquainted with, who is a professor of, I believe, anthropology. She seems to not be running out of the room screaming, which is a good thing. (And I think I might have gotten her granddaughter indirectly interested in the games!)

4. I'm holding the Finish-a-thon poll open for one more day. I guess the one person who's replied will be the one having their requests filled if nobody else replies. :)

5. I participated in the [community profile] fan_flashworks amnesty challenge, for which I did eight Project Zero 2 Wii icons. Here's the post.

6. I discovered the game "Magical Diary", a visual novel/romance game. I like it so far, but I've got to stop matching up with the bad boy of the game. My tumblr post on the game.
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But I really liked this one.

Yeah, it's an entry that crosses my love of strange customer stories (Not Always Right is a site where Customer Service folk tell stories about the customers they've encountered) with one of my fandoms! There's a bit of profanity, but it's beeped out.
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Goodbye, idiotic local paper.

Hello again, Netflix.
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* I'm making sure all my Power Rangers fics are easy to find this year for Remix_redux. I'm currently in the Bs. It's going to be a bit until I get to the Zs.

* I'm thinking of doing Parthenon again, and dropped my original claim on fandom_prompts (though I'll still be using the table to help me figure out "Burden of a Cradle". For Parthenon, I'm kind of figuring out if I want to do Arc of FFIII, or one of my Watarus (Darkness or Innocent, most likely).

* I'm starting to look for a RP, though I don't know which character I'd use or which RP (all I know is that it has to be on DW, and it has to not be CFUD).

* I'm actually doing well for inkingitout so far!

* And I might mention I'm working on a sequel to my Minwu fic from Yuletide.

ETA: I have a RP character at least: Arc, from Final Fantasy III ([personal profile] arcing_light)!
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There's this very lovely reading/commenting meme for AO3 going on, with entries on Dreamwidth and Livejournal that I thought people might enjoy checking out. I thought I might bring it to the attention of certain portions of my flist on DW, since there's quite a bit of Gokaiger fic on there that could use some attention, as could some other mutual fandoms.

(I myself am on there as [ profile] estirose. Not all of my fics are on there, but I've got 156-7 of them in various fandoms, including some stuff that I'm not posting to as of yet.)

I consider AO3 fairly easy to navigate, and while the number of fics in some fandoms is small, generally speaking they're pretty good fics. AO3 does allow explicit fics, so keep that in mind.

I'll put these under the cut as they're apt to be a little unwieldy for people who have me on their reading page.

fandoms )
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A very happy, slightly belated birthday to [personal profile] germankitty!
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A week before the monthly checkin for [community profile] inkitout, I'm above my minimum for January. Heck, "Shroud's War", my NYR story, is alone over the required 6250 average wordcount (I just finished chapter 2, and it's going to go to at least chapter 3, if not more). And I've got the Digimon Tamers fic I wrote earlier this month, the stuff for [community profile] musing_way, and two more fics (one a partial rewrite/redirection for a musing_way ficlet, one inspired by a prompt) on the way.


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