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This is a fic I started a long time ago and finished very recently. Started around 2005, completed 2011. Summary: Conner is losing touch. Rated PG/8+.

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As the subject says, PRDT, set White Universe. Anton's POV.

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[ profile] tptigger needed a bit of cheering up, so I wrote this ficlet. It's PRDT, Trent focus. Hope you like, [ profile] tptigger!

Title: Orange and Chocolate
Author: Estirose
Fandom: Power Rangers Dino Thunder
Summary: Hayley feeds Trent some chocolate.
Rating: 8+
Disclaimer: Characters don't belong to me.

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[ profile] tptigger and I were discussing our Charmed/DT fics the last few days, and I got this plot peep out of it. (Yes, there is a connection between the discussion and this fic.)

Anyway, PRDT, unbeta'd, rated 8+ maybe.

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I might expand this one out someday. I don't know yet.
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I had non-cooperative characters who wouldn't give me the fic they teased me with, so I wrote this.

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Grr. I don't know whether to try to expand/rewrite/ignore this or what.
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[ profile] tptigger and I have been working on this fic. It takes place kind of in the "White is the Color of Guilt" setting, or at least branches off the Hayley AU of Opposites Attract (that is, Hayley is a Tomorrow Person). This one spawned a plot bunny for another story; brownie points to whoever can figure out what happened to spawn it.

Spellchecked as best as possible, but otherwise straight off chat.

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I'm looking for a cap from "Thunderstorm" (part 1, I think), the PRDT/PRNS crossover. It's of Hayley's screen when she's telling Tommy of the evil emanating from/going to Blue Bay Harbor. If someone has a cap of this, and could get it to me, I'd be grateful.

edit: I coaxed MPlayerOSX to cooperate with me so I could get a cap. It's not decent, but it works. (Realplayer's Mac OS X support sucks and they insist on logging in every time you want a damn download of their software.)

Here's the cap. It's fuzzy, but it's the cap. )
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Just in case people besides Beth were waiting to read it, Kuroonningen is now finished. (It was my finish-a-thon story.)

It's a Power Rangers Dino Thunder fic, rated 8+, set after "Copy That". It focuses on Trent and Anton. And it only took two years to finish.

Read it on Inkwell here, or on my LJ here.
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This is my newest request fic. [ profile] tptigger requested Trent and Tommy (not romantic), wifi, albatross, milkshake. This comes as close as Trent wanted it to get. Hope you enjoy it anyway!

Set in the same universe as, and follows, "White is the Color of Guilt".

Title: Serving Tables
Author: Estirose
Fandom: PRDT (OA Hayley AU)
Spoilers: "White is the Color of Guilt"
Notes: See above
Disclaimer: Characters are not mine.

He wished, and not for the first time, that he hadn't walked into Mesogog's invisiportal )


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