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Remix, round three. For those who need to see the end.

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Yes, that is a new LJ icon. It's my first name (or as close as I come to it, since there is no "L" in Japanese) in hiragana script. I've probably mangled it, but it does look close to the drawings.

Anyway, The PRNS finale, "Storm Before The Calm" aired today, and let me be one of the first to post a fic on it. SBTC spoilers lurk within the LJ-cut.

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Takes place during Ghetto Wear. Watch out for additions.

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I swear, they know I have to be getting out of here soon.

Ah well. Here's a little bit from "Itching for a Fight", a Cam POV of "Nowhere to Grow" that I've been working on under a pen name. Suggestions are appreciated, though I won't see them for a week.

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Here's a story fragment that is actually a outline/summary for two much longer stories that I can't write because I haven't seen all that much of Hurricanger. Read at your own risk.

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Been coding off and on (when I haven't been sleeping), and now am going to look at Livejournal Cuts vs. Movable Type Extended Entries with a incoherent, untitled vignette.

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