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I got two lovely fics. Let me squee about them!

From One To Another (Big-time Donor Remix) (1070 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Power Rangers R.P.M.
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Author Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Characters: Flynn McAllistair

Flynn needs to decide what to do with his comic book collection before beginning his life as a Power Ranger, his dad just happens to have some advice. (For RemixRedux11)

This was my remixer's choice, off of "Big-time Donor". The original fic was Flynn trying to donate to the Corinth library and the head librarian discussing options with him. I was so glad to see this remixed because hey, the original fic doesn't get enough love. Plus, my remixer wrote pretty much the reason why Flynn was hauling his comic book collection (or part of it) to the library in the first place, which I didn't think about but makes so much sense! I have so much love for this that I can't even really put it into words.

Of the Right Things [Remix] (532 words) by Anonymous
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Ghost Soup Infidel Blue
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Allonius (Ghost Soup)/Others, Jin/Ryuuji (Ghost Soup Infidel)
Characters: Ryuuji (Ghost Soup Infidel Blue), Undisclosed Character(s)
Additional Tags: Remix, Remix Madness 2014, Canon Compliant

So I fixed some things for you so it makes more sense as a Blue fic and then I added in some characters you liked so I hope that's okay! It should be better now. Bonus point to whoever can recognize the cameo!

This has to be a Yuletider writing this little fic, because they obviously are familiar with the fandom and the story. I think the guest character is Fran from Final Fantasy 12 - I mentioned that I was into Final Fantasy, even though I haven't gotten that far yet. *grin* It's based on "Of The Things", which is Bipi and staff messing up Allonious' lovers, though the POV character is Ryuuji, the (unseen) boyfriend of Jin, one of the medstaff.
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A short fic featuring Angie and Ben (and Maria) from the story "The Dreamt-of Call".
They don't want to be there )
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This is kind of a post for random comment-sized fics. I'll be putting them in the comments and indexing them as needed.

Note that most of the Garo entries take place in a kind of High School AU set in the world of Kamen Rider Fourze. Yes, it's complicated. Some others take place in the Go-Busters universe.
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Apparently, instead of working on fic I want to be working on, my muses decide to be influenced by other fics instead - in this case, the fic "Language Barrier" (Gai/Ziggy) by [ profile] borrowedphrases. I wish mine was quite as brilliant (and a little less standard cliched crossover), but I'm going to work on it anyway in spurts and pieces. At the moment, it's pretty PG-rated.

Summary: Gai is sent to another dimension and meets what he thinks is an alternate sentai team.
fic )
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And an AU to the AU to the AU to the AU. Or maybe there's less than that. Same general universe as "What Hastens to be Done".
I'm cruel to my characters )
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This story was posted on AO3, and then I realized I really needed to work on it. So, here it is for the moment while I pull it from AO3. It's a darker take on "Dreamt-of Call" (and the beginning is an alternate take on "Elephant in the Room").

What Hastens )
And an AU to this AU can be found here.
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This is an essay, or at least a bunch of musings about the "Harder to be Brave, Easier to Hide" storyline. Like the fics it talks about, I need to put warnings on this. I talk about attempted suicide, suicidal ideation, and some methods of committing suicide. I'm going to eventually put it on Dots, but I thought that I'd post it here, first. It's over 3000 words long and covers every single fic in series.

Read warnings above, please )
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Dreamt-of Call universe, depressing.
fic )
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Summary: It’s sometimes hard to explain criminal impulses, especially when they’re not just criminal. A bit AU to the AU “The Dreamt-of Call”. PG/8+

Note: My brain does “what-if”s far too frequently; it’s OCD-ish in that way. In this one, I ponder what would have happened if Ziggy had checked out that place he was being drawn to.

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Summary: Ziggy’s been there for Dillon. Dillon will be there for Ziggy. PG-13/13+

Note: Yeah, I wrote a fic that is Ziggy/Dillon. I’ve come close, I’ve paired them up prior to the story, I’ve done everything except written them as an actual pairing. I set out to remedy that.

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Apparently this is OC and odd thing day, because this fic is about a morpher. *Headdesk* I think my callers today killed my brain.

No programming language in particular intended.
Must Be This Tall )
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This is kind of a “Killing Muses” post; it features a muse that kind of didn’t know how to shut up. At least she’s short. Spoilers for the entire series of RPM, mostly for “Danger and Destiny part 2″ and “Ranger Red”.

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I just posted the first part of what’s insisting on being a (very, very slowly written) story. It’s “The Call Can’t Read Rap Sheets”, and it’s now going to be a full story instead of a one-shot. I’m writing the next part right now.

(ETA: I renamed the fic because my quick sketch-out of plot says it’s probably going to be more team-focus than Ziggy-focus, and so it’s now “The Dreamt-of Call”.)

This gives me 100 fics on AO3, though it only shows 99 due to a locked fic that’s only visible to logged-in users. I wasn’t anticipating my 100th to be RPM, but I guess the muse will go where the muse will go.

I’m also working on the notes to the whole “Harder to be Brave” storyline.

I posted the original one-shot version of “The Call Can’t Read Rap Sheets” on, but changed my mind and pulled it. I’m still thinking on whether I’m going to post the fic or just the one-shot. (One of the reasons I pulled it is that the one advantage that ffn has is that it allows me to see breakdown of hits by chapter/day/country, and for some reason today it’s not registering any hits, which makes it kind of useless.)

ETA: It’s now back up as the full-fledged fic. With a slightly different title, because idiot ffn seems to dislike hyphens in titles. *headdesk*

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