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My last week or two has been kind of tough on me in RL, so I haven't been doing much besides trying to update my current story on AO3. And getting hooked on Dragon Age II.

Anyway, Yuletide noms! I nominated Sekirei, Kamen Rider Blade, and Fatal Frame (the whole game series), and all but Fatal Frame have been approved. I think my inclusion of Mio from Fatal Frame II threw things for a loop.

Noms for each series:
Sekirei: Minato, Kazehana, Kusano, Homura
Kamen Rider Blade: the main four Riders - Kenzaki, Tachibana, Mutsuki, and Hajime
Fatal Frame series: Miku, Rei, Kei, Mio (I did not nominate anyone from 4 or 5, mostly because I'm not as fond of those, and I also skipped our manga, film, and the not-labeled-as-Fatal-Frame game Spirit Camera.)

ETA: Does anyone know who nominated Go-Onger? They accidentally included a character from Gokaiger and the mods want to know what they meant.

ETA 2: And now Fatal Frame has been accepted!
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Despite some very tardy muses, I got ten fics done for Yuletide this year, most of which got done about a week or two before deadline because of RL stuff. Good RL stuff, but still, RL stuff. And I had a pinch hit!

So, if you want to try to guess which fics I wrote for Yuletide, here is my post for the year. Comments are screened.

Here's some clues/stats:

* I wrote in eight fandoms and had eight recipients, by some coincidence.

* This year, the vast majority of my POV characters were female - seven of the ten fics had female POVs. (I still have to work on passing Bechdel, I'm afraid to admit - only two of the fics passed, despite named women appearing in eight of them.)

* Most of my fics were gen, but I had one slash, one femslash, and one fic that kind of started to get there and didn't make it.

* All but two fics are in the Yuletide collection (some of them just barely).

* Four of my eight fandoms are live-action TV, two are video games, one is an anime/manga, and one falls under literature.

* Most of the fandoms are of Japanese origin, but not all of them.

* I'd written in five of my fandoms before (though for one fandom, just once). Two of the new fandoms were five-minute fandoms.
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I wrote 11 fics this year!

In order of posting, they are: Still To Witness (Villains by Necessity - Eve Forward), The Secret Life of Catalogs (Libraries (Anthropomorfic)), Echoes in my Head (Tomorrow People 2013/Tomorrow People 1992), Onto The Painted Sky (Glitch (Video Game)), So Keep Pleasant Things (Dungeons and Dragons (Roleplaying Game)), Of The Things (Ghost Soup Infidel Blue), Spread In Our Winter Splendor (Sleepy Hollow), Should You Fail To Lie Still (Peter Pan - J.M. Barrie), Then Our Promise (Kamen Rider W/Double), And Of Course I Don't Know Why (Cabin in the Woods), and Not Ready For The Fall (Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly). Whew!

Incidentally, the highest hit was "The Secret Life of Catalogs", and the lowest was "So Keep Pleasant Things".

As for my authors, I was right that one person wrote two fics for me. Both of my Fragile Dreams fics were written by Souljelly, and my GSIB fics were written by Elfwreck and ChokolatteJedi!

Some of my yearly reveal musings got pretty long (mostly the ones for "Still To Witness" and "Should You Fail To Lie Still"), so I'm going to put cuts for each story.

Still To Witness (Villains by Necessity) )
The Secret Life of Catalogs (Library Anthropomorfic) )
Echoes In My Head (2013 Tomorrow People/1992 Tomorrow People) )
Onto the Painted Sky (Glitch) )
So Keep Pleasant Things (Dungeons and Dragons (Roleplaying Game) )
Of The Things (Ghost Soup Infidel Blue) )
Spread In Our Winter Splendor (Sleepy Hollow) )
Should You Fail To Lie Still (Peter Pan - J.M. Barrie) )
Then Our Promise (Kamen Rider W) )
Of Course I Don't Know Why (Cabin in the Woods) )
Not Ready For The Fall (Fatal Frame II) )
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Four stories for me! I think I broke a record for most treats in a year this year. My main story, two full-length fics, and a Madness piece.
Two Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon and two Ghost Soup Infidel Blue )
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I almost forgot to do this before bed!

Eleven fics for Yuletide this year. That's a record! I meant to write half that. Let's hope that writing spirit stays with me for the rest of the year, as I have about ten peoples' stockings bookmarked.

Anyway, here's my annual guess-my-fics post. All comments are screened.

* I had twelve fandoms and ten recipients.
* Four of them had female POVs, five of them had male POVs, two had other POVs.
* Most of them were fandoms I'd written in once before - eight, in fact. But they weren't fandoms I'd written a lot in, for the most part. I think two or three of them were fandoms where I'd written more than a handful of fics.
* Most of the sources were either North American or British, though there were two fics that were in Japanese fandoms.
* Most of them were Madness fics, though four were long enough to put in the main collection.
* Three of them were for TV series, two of them were books, three games, one movie, two fit under "other".
* Most of them were gen, one was listed as "Other".
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This was a supplement to my DYW one year, but it's no longer relevant, and I doubt the occasional hit I get from it means that someone wants to write me something explicit. So it's gone.
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I wrote eight fics for Yuletide! (I forgot to add in my last-minute one when I wrote my "guess the story" post.)

Here they are, in vague order of posting:
Makes the Beautiful World (Kyouryuu Sentai Zyuranger), which was betaed by the ever-wonderful [personal profile] tptigger.
Sun, Rise High (Space Vehicles)
Worry Never Solved (Glitch (Video Game))
For Be Not Afraid (Zero aka Fatal Frame)
Alight in that Flame (Zero: Shisei no Koe aka Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented)
Skylimit Friendship (Enchanted Glass - Diana Wynne Jones)
In The Ruins (Zero: Shisei no Koe aka Fatal Frame 3: The Tormented)
Cheerful Careful Helpers (Glitch (Video Game))

Musings and notes )


Nov. 2nd, 2012 01:47 pm
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I got my assignment. I have to do canon review, but it's spawned a 40-ton plot bunny.


ETA, November 5: Now 1100 words into it. I hope my recipient likes!
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Fatal Frame is at 3,3 (3 requests, 3 offers)! The one I know about is a Miku fan, hope s/he also likes Mafuyu and Kirie, but maybe I need to add another Miku prompt. (We ship slightly differently - she goes for Miku/Rei while I go for Miku/Kei, which is not a big deal. Of the journalist/folklorist trio, I like Yuu and Mafuyu over Kei.)

The Kamen Rider series are doing fairly well - last I saw, they were at 1,2 (Fourze) and 2,3 (Kabuto).

Skulking Permit is at 2,1, so I'm hopeful someone else will be willing to write fic for a 30 minute science fiction radio play. It kind of hits my love of peaceful people thing.

ETA: Final Fantasy II is at 1,0 - I'm not too hopeful that I'll get a match, but you never know, and it's there as a backup fandom. (The icon I've got at the moment for this post is a monster from Final Fantasy II. Four of the same monster, in fact.)

I'm the most worried about Super Sentai. Yes, we have four more days, but together, the Sentais are at 3,4. Anybody know Zyuranger, Go-Busters, or Timeranger and is willing to sign up for Yuletide / add to their offers?


Oct. 4th, 2012 01:39 pm
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So. Darn. Happy.
Somebody besides me must have nominated Fatal Frame, because there are four characters I didn’t nominate! (I decided to go for the broad approach and get the main characters for the first four games.)
The four additional characters are:
Aso(u) Misaki (Fatal Frame 4)
Aso(u) Yuu (Fatal Frame 3)
Kurosawa Yae (Fatal Frame 1 & 2)
Munakata Ryozo (Fatal Frame 1 & 2)
Misaki is one of the three playable characters for the fourth game, and I love that she’s included because she’s the biggest living link in the game to the other games in the series. Yuu is Rei’s fiancé in 3, and I like him as much (if not more) as I do Rei, so I’m glad someone included him. Yae and Ryozo are minor characters that showed up in the first two games. Yae’s surname is Kurosawa in 2 and Munakata in 1, but the canon tag for her is her maiden name.
I see someone also nominated Kamen Rider Kabuto, as well as four sentais: Zyuranger, Timeranger, Shinkenger, and Go-Busters. I know I’m going to be offering one of these, and I’m not saying which one as I think I know who’s requesting and I’d like to surprise them. I haven’t spotted any other toku series (I checked Cutie Honey, Keitai Sousakan 7, Garo, and the Sailor Moon live action).
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So, nominations for Yuletide are coming up. Under the cut is what I'm thinking of for this year's noms:
Cut to save space )

ETA: Things that I am doing and should not be doing instead of things I should be doing: running through the Lamp Hallway 10 times in Fatal Frame trying to get one of the most annoying vanishing ghosts in the game.
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So, I'm getting towards finishing up the Earth: Final Conflict fics on Dots and am looking at which fandom to archive next. Next up in the existing archive is Final Fantasy, but technically speaking, the next fandom is Fatal Frame.

Here's where it gets a bit annoying/confusing. The game is commonly known as Fatal Frame, even in places where it was never released as Fatal Frame. It's called Zero in Japan (except for at least one XBox release, which was called Fatal Frame) and Project Zero in Europe/Australia. When I type it in to AO3, I find it infinitely easier to just start typing "Zero" because AO3 has the series as Zero | Project Zero | Fatal Frame series. (Likewise, the individual games start with their Japanese titles, as per archive standards.)

Now, since I am in North America and the title in North America is Fatal Frame, I'll probably put it under Fatal Frame. But something in me is uncomfortable with that, so I will probably do a cross-reference at the bottom, pointing Zero to Fatal Frame. (I don't know what to do with Project Zero, as both Zero and Fatal Frame are better known, unless you are referencing Deep Crimson Butterfly, which was not imported into NA and retains the Project Zero title in English-speaking countries.)

I'm also planning to nominate this for Yuletide 2012. I'll probably nominate the series, because it's really hard to write a fic with characters from just 1 or just 2 or just 3, at least with the modern ones. The fourth and Spirit Camera are much easier, because they don't have as strong a tie to 1-3. Of course, I wouldn't be asking for Spirit Camera fic, and I only really like one character from 4, but that's a discussion for another day.

ETA: That being said, now I need to get Yuu to shut up so I can go to bed, blast it. Ah, good, he's done.
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I want to mention first of all that rebecca_selene wrote the wonderful "Writing with Chopsticks" for me in Mulan fandom, and BridgetMcKennitt wrote me both "Side Quest: The Journey of Hilda and Gordon" and "Reach the Sky Above" in Final Fantasy II fandom. (And learned a new fandom for me, besides!)

As for me, I wrote ten fics. I am scary. (Though not as scary as the person who wrote 30.) This year, all of my story titles were from Broken Poets lyrics.

The fics in question, in alphabetical order: All Things In Time (Kamen Rider Double/W), And If You Believe (Sapphire & Steel), And It Wouldn't Be Me (Final Fantasy II), Drowned In This River (Mulan (1998)), Just on a Whim (Kaboom (anthropomofic)), Never Do What You Do (Tower Prep), Never Once Was Afraid (Kamen Rider Fourze), Of Some Happy Ending (Schoolhouse Rock), With The Grace of a Child (Monster High), and Won't Bring Me Home (Villains By Necessity - Eve Forward).

I'll talk briefly about the meta on the fics below (and some thoughts about my Yuletide in general) under cut below, but I also will mention I wrote DVD commentaries for some of the fics (specifically Just on a Whim, Won't Bring Me Home, And It Wouldn't Be Me, And If You Believe, With The Grace of a Child, and All Things In Time).

Fic meta )
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Of all the fics, this was my shortest one, and it was very... crackfic-y, which is not surprising, given the nature of the fandom. Or lack thereof.

Anthropomofics are a bit cracky by nature, and very much original fic as you have very little source material/fandom to use as 'canon'. In my case, I tried to figure out what to do with an explosion, a bike, a breakfast cereal, and a tile cleaner. Of all of the above, I only researched the breakfast cereal.

Explaining )
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Main and madness collections, respectively, stories that have less than 2 comments.

One of them is my Madness gift, Reach the Sky Above, a double drabble that's Maria/Firion (but you don't need to know anything about the fandom to read the drabble, other than Maria and Firion are two of the heroes).


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