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I... started this in 2010 for a Yuletide treat. Technically speaking, of the two fics I wrote for my recipient, this was the treat and the Monster High fic was the fill. If people remember me muttering about something called "Shroud's War", this is that fic. It's also over 13,000 words. Yow.

It takes place in an AU where Sokichi survived, though that proved to have a little less impact than I thought. I mentioned that I loved post-"Begins Night" fics, and this is kind of mine.

Took Me Long Enough )
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When I saw the prompt for this one, I couldn't resist, despite not knowing a thing about Monster High. So, I checked out the canon, fell in love with Abbey, and started researching formal courting rituals throughout the world and what I could use. (I was most familiar with Chinese, or at least old Chinese courting, from the research I did for Mulan, but they didn't quite fit in the fic.)

Courting )
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The short tale of how I ended up with this fic was: I was drawn in by the request, I watched the episodes and liked them, I wrote a ficlet, I decided to try for a pinch hit, and I ended up with Ingus and Sara of Final Fantasy III doing a little unexpected stuff (like attempting to make this a crossover while I was racing after them yelling "No, I don't want a crossover!"). Spoilers for the game and minor ones for Sapphire and Steel episode 3.

Of course, I wrote this a lot like episode 3. )
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This is one of my higher-rated fics because it takes place in an afterglow, even though most of what is discussed in the fic has more to do with family than sex.

Not surprising that I wrote this fic. )
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There's one little bit of this novel that's always stuck with me: the mention of Arcie's people, handing in their Guild memberships, IIRC.

This story is about those people and them coming back. Due to the nature of the story, all the characters are OCs.

OCs )
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Of all the fics, this was my shortest one, and it was very... crackfic-y, which is not surprising, given the nature of the fandom. Or lack thereof.

Anthropomofics are a bit cracky by nature, and very much original fic as you have very little source material/fandom to use as 'canon'. In my case, I tried to figure out what to do with an explosion, a bike, a breakfast cereal, and a tile cleaner. Of all of the above, I only researched the breakfast cereal.

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