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1. I got my assignment for [community profile] remixrevival and I think I have a story that I can remix! I matched on a bigger fandom than I usually write in, and one I need to canon review, but hey, at least I have something!

(I'm hoping my collection of stories isn't too overwhelming for the person who got me. I write a lot! I'm sorry.)

2. I'm still trying to get inspiration for FandomGiftbox! I'm hoping to make 3 fills, more if I can.

3. I got MiiTopia in the mail yesterday. I'm currently enjoying it, and may have my first fic for the game. (Although I'll have to find new names for my main and my trio of companions, as my MC is named after me, and my companions are Yuelia, Laura, and Erion.)

ETA: I've gotten to where the Dark Lord snatched all my companions away and now I have Mafuyu and Kirie. I'm sure I'll get a third party member, and then I'll add Miku. Or Yae.

4. I wrote about 12,000 words of Agender Ganma (Kamen Rider Ghost AU) fic. I got stuck because the events prior to my story shouldn't have been able to happen due to the part of the canon that I'm still using - that is, she wouldn't have been able to make a wish, not without a bunch of Eyecons. The vague random theory that my characters think happened is that she somehow persuaded the Great Eye to grant her a wish, and was able to reach to it around the Ganmeizers because of her ancestry. But I'm not sure, and I'm kind of stuck. Oh well.
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