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They came out earlier than I expected! Especially for the Madness ficlets.

Anyway, I wrote the following fics:
* In Learning (The Hula Hoop Remix) for Framlingem, my assignment. It's Star Trek (2009), aka Star Trek Reboot, and it's Amanda, thinking about learning. (It's a remix of her "Guide", which can pretty much be summed up the same way.)
* Heard the Truth of Myths and Legends (The Remix of the Knight's Daughter) for livii as a pinch hit. It's Doctor Who (1963), a remix of "The History of the Kings of Britain", which has to do with Ancelyn and Bambera, two one-shot characters from the 7th Doctor story "Battlefield" (and probably my Doctor Who OTP). This being me, I ended up with a story about Ancelyn talking to his eldest child about Merlin.
* Cute as a Lion (The Youngest Son Remix) for mousapelli, a remix of an untitled Kyou Kara Maou! ficlet of hers for Madness. Both of them have to do with Cheri and her memories of a very, very young Wolfram.
* The People on the Balcony (The Lone Girl Remix) for lost_spook in Madness. Her story was about Sapphire, Steel and Silver and their relationship with each other; mine was that of an outside observer viewing the same scene and her take on it.

Two of my fics got remixed, too: "All the Riches (Crab Canon Remix)" was written by Revieloutionne, and "Hitori Jyanai (The Six-week Rule Remix)" was written, funnily enough, by mousapelli. (Why I am so amused: Not only did we remix each other, but both "Hikari Saseba" and "Hitori Jyanai" are fics for the Chaotic Butterfly series of novels, which mousapelli wrote....)

Some notes, mostly on my assignment and pinch hit )
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Here's last year's version.

Top ten this year and commentary on what came and what went from last year's )

ETA: Because I don't want to make a whole new post, I wanted to note that Remix Redux 10 is now open for reading. My remixer remixed "All The Riches", one of my Kamen Rider Double fics, into "All The Riches (Crab Canon Remix)". It's casefic (from the client's POV) with a nice bit of pairings (Shoutarou/Philip, Terui/Akiko, and Queen/Elizabeth).
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Dear self:

The remixes are fine. They are not going to sneak off and get too drunk at the nearest bar. They are not going to arrive at the opening of the archive with hangovers and expose themselves to random readers.

They are coherent, they are nice stories, and I need to be in bed soon.

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Less than 12 hours before Remix signups close! For some reason I'm excited. (Currently, Power Rangers has 3 people with remixable fics and 4 willing to write in it; Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger has 1 person with remixable fics with 2 willing to write in it, and I also volunteered my Final Fantasy II fics, but understandably there are no remixers (and I don't know anyone who has enough fics I can remix...).

My letter is prepped (and in fact was posted a few days ago). I'm about 50 fics out from having everything archived together for PR.

Now to make sure I get everything up for my remixer! As soon as this plotbunny stops eating my toes. (Bad Kae, bad!)
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I wrote four fics for Remix Redux/Remix Madness this year:
Noble Little Boxes (The Doomed Italian Remix) (classic Doctor Who), remix of “Sarah/Giuliano” by ParanoidAngel. The original fic’s about Giuliano thinking Sarah has to be noble and wanting to dance with her; my remix Sarah, pondering her travels and Giuliano’s attempts to categorize her.

Dance Like You Mean It (The Flighty Thief Remix) (Highlander: The Raven), remix of “After Nick’s Flight” by keerawa. The original is from Amanda’s watcher’s POV about how she’s coping after certain series events; mine was a simple, quick remix to Amanda’s POV.

Good People Keep You Young (The Sweet Librarian Remix) (RH Plus), remix of “RH Plus Drabble” by Daegaer. The original is about Kiyoi, pondering baking a cake for a local librarian’s retirement; I wrote a “five times” fic out of it, focusing on the relationship between the two over the years.

The One Whose Head Fits On Your Shoulder (The Dental Caries Remix) (Kamen Rider Kabuto), Remix of “Happy Summer Wedding” by lazulisong. In the original, Kagami tries to deal with Tendou wanting to marry him. My remix focuses on the events of one scene and its aftermath for a pair of originally nameless characters.

On a short note, I loved Madness! (And Remix in general.) Remix gives you permission to play around in another fic writer’s sandbox (with some small limitations), just like you do with the original source series. For example, this year’s fic I got to play with two different peoples’ OCs and give them my own backgrounds and stories, which I consider fun.

ETA: I also wanted to once more promote Lazulisong’s wonderful remix of my “Chosen One’s Choice” (Kamen Rider Kabuto). I’d pretty much guessed it was her early on, and was absolutely delighted that she’d drawn me.

Further ETA: [personal profile] defeatedbyabridge kindly did the beta on “Noble Little Boxes”; the other three had no beta.

Notes under the cut.

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Remix Madness is open! I’ve… had time to peek in one section. That’s it. (Imagine Remix Redux with no assigned writer and on an extremely short deadline, and you’ve got Remix Madness.)

I wrote 4 fics total for Remix and its associated Madness. I was expecting to have three, but this morning some part of my crazy brain decided to announce “O HAI THAR, I HAS PLOTBUNNI 4 U. IS CUTE, Y/Y?”

This was in my way in to work, and so I replied, “Sorry, I have no time to do that no-ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!”

You see, the plotbunny in question had fangs. Really sharp fangs. So, if you heard a scream from the west coast of North America, that might have been me. I wrote the darn thing in 45 minutes and posted it. It involved a cellphone. So, if you are the one I remixed, I apologize in advance for any lack of coherence in said fic. And, oh yes, the plotbunny has adopted me, but you’re welcome to it if you want.

The other madness fics were a lot more sedate, thank goodness. In all, between Remix and Madness, I wrote four fics from four different fandoms by four different remixees. Most of which were fandoms that are not associated with me, so hopefully nobody will spot my distinctive writing style.

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Signed up for Remix Redux, for Power Rangers. Apparently I don’t have enough to do in my life.

Wonder how many other PR fen there were?

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