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I wrote three fics for All In The Family! My main fic was "Impostor Syndrome" (Original Work), I wrote "An Apparition Not Looking Up" (Kamen Rider Drive) as a pinch hit, and "It's Not Fair, Not Fair" (Final Fantasy IV:The After Years) as a treat.

Incidentally, my gift was written by elwing_alcyone. I suspected it was them because they were the other Fatal Frame requester and they like writing Ryozo and Yae. (I would have written for them except I couldn't get any plot bunnies, and someone wrote Kureha for them, which makes me happy.)

Impostor Syndrome (7579 words) by Estirose
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Original Work
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Mary Sue & Mundane Twin
Characters: Original Female Character(s), Mary Sue (Character)
Additional Tags: Family Drama, MC is in a F/F relationship and her sister supports it

Angie wakes up in her perfect sister's body, and things get odder from there.

Otherwise known as the fic that ate the exchange for me! Seriously, I got it done on time, but I wished I could have written more concisely and more of it. It was the longest fic up to reveals, though. I wanted to have Marie get away (or at least destroy her plans) so that Angie was permanently in Marie's body or at least it would take longer to find her, but I ran out of time if I wanted to edit it, so I ended up with the conclusion I did. I figured Marie would crumble for Angie anyway, and Angie would do the same thing if the situation was reversed.

That weird tumblr-like tag was to kind of hide it was me. I don't know how well it worked. (Marie is my go-to name for Mary Sues.)

So, anyway, I matched with [personal profile] rosabelle. I was originally going to write PRiS, but I read the Original Fic prompt for the Mary Sue and her mundane twin and immediately thought "Oh hey, what if I write about this Mary Sue who loves her sister so much that she switches their bodies?" Yes, I somehow ended up with a Mary Sue with anxiety disorder and impostor syndrome, which she hid very well from the rest of the world. I'm not sure if that disqualifies her from being a Mary Sue, because she's perfect otherwise. Her sister Angie has the same issues, but to a lesser extent. I made Marie a genius scientist, and I realized in the midst of writing that not only is she a genius scientist, but she's a genius mad scientist!

I created Loren as not only a loving girlfriend to Angie, but also someone who could keep Angie's mind on things. Angie does not have the greatest concentration in the world, actually. I loved writing Loren and Angie together, and Loren just rolls with things. I based Loren on a friend and former coworker of mine who is well-organized and Gets Things Done.

When I wrote this, I envisioned that Marie would either escape or kill herself. I didn't know if suicide would be a trigger, so I changed out her lines at the last moment (like the last 12 hours before the collection opened). I also kept forgetting that Angie didn't even try to be Marie (Marie actually did better at pretending she was Angie in order to get Angie her vacation), which Marie points out at the end.

As for the references, Bramptons are fancy folding bikes - I know this because I looked at them. Angie was going to buy a Dahon Mariner, which is cheaper, but she didn't have to. The bike trail that is mentioned in the second half of the story is based on one of the ones in my home town (which also has an Amtrak station, a Greyhound station, and a Megabus stop.) The Vanilla Crab is based on a seafood restaurant that I've been at. VeraCrypt is a real program and the .hc is its real extension. I almost named the file name "Fantasylife.avi" but I thought that would have been too obvious. Ayala is the surname of one of my coworkers. Lest is the main male character of Rune Factory 4 (Frey is the female version) and Blossom is one of the villagers (and probably the oldest villager) in the same game. I'm going to edit that to Frey/Blossom later, but I put Lest in because of course I hadn't talked about him on any of my Rune Factory posts. The cheesy quote that Marie makes and Angie groans at is from "Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE!" (Cute High Earth Defense Club LOVE!), an anime - it's the team's catchphrase. (They're magical boys.)

As for the title, I had one picked out, but as I got along in the story, the more "Impostor Syndome" worked as a title as well as describing the syndrome that led Marie to switch out her body with her sister's. (And how Angie felt about having her sister's body.)

An Apparition Not Looking Up (1762 words) by Estirose
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Kamen Rider Drive
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Shijima Kiriko & Banno Tenjuurou
Characters: Shijima Kiriko, Banno Tenjuurou, Chase | Mashin Chaser
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence

Kiriko remembers a conversation with Chase as she prepares to deal the final blow to the monster that is her father.

I took up this pinch hit because I wanted to write Kiriko actually dealing with Banno. I have to admit that I was deeply annoyed by the whole "Kiriko can't use the Drive Belt" thing, and the fact that the show went on and on about Gou's relationship with their father but nothing about how it was between Kiriko and Banno.

I originally wrote just Kiriko and Chase talking about Banno (I made Gou too injured for the final fight so that Kiriko could actually be a Kamen Rider), but realized that technically didn't meet the requirements of including Banno, so I wrote another whole section of the story with Kiriko dealing with Banno and destroying him. It was very satisfying, to say the least. I extrapolated about Banno's relationship with Kiriko from his on-screen interactions with Gou and Krim. I should have warned a bit because Kiriko mentions Banno being an abusive father who broke her arm several times. (I had to correct all the original fic to past perfect in order to make the new section fit in past.)

The title is from something Meadz said during a playthrough of Fatal Frame III. She was trying to get a ghost to do something and the ghost wasn't being very useful. (The title was originally "A Ghost Not Looking Up", but given that the next Kamen Rider series was Ghost, that Shinnosuke and Takeru have interacted, and I wasn't writing a crossover, I went with a synonym.

It's Not Fair, Not Fair (630 words) by Estirose
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, Final Fantasy IV
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Luca & Calca & Brina (Final Fantasy IV)
Characters: Luca (Final Fantasy IV), Calca (Final Fantasy IV), Brina (Final Fantasy IV)
Additional Tags: Treat

Luca will put Calca and Brina back together as soon as she can.

While I was pondering what I was doing for my pinch hit, I also got a plot bunny for this one. I love Calca and Brina! So I reviewed TAY canon to make sure I remembered the events correctly (I re-played through Ceodore's Tale and Rydia's Tale). It's fairly short, but I'm really proud of it and my ability to write Luca, who I'd never written before.

The title of this one is also from a Meadz playthrough of Fatal Frame III, this time of the post-game "Crawling Woman" challenge. Anyone who's familiar with fighting this lady will understand the comment because she is a headache and terrible to fight in the crawlspace!


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