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This is a snippet of what I'm doing so that I don't write any more treats for Yuletide. (Seriously, brain. Enough is enough.) Writing/translating fic, to be exact. After I've uploaded treats during Madness, I can get to the two non-Yuletide projects I'm working on.

Parenteze, Bona Ĥanuko, al tuta personoj, kio festas ĝin!

"Eksteren," li diris, post la malmulte sekundoj de pensoj. Ekstren, kaj li ne reiris, se li povis sukcesi. Certe, li estis vere bona, kio li ne deziris oni ĉagrenis, aŭ suspektis. Li kredis, ke li povis konviki Doktoro K, ke lia nova Fortgardisto Verda ne faris io malbona.

"Fortgardisto Verda," Doktoro K diris, hezitanta nur una minuto, "Vi bezonas ok horo de dormo plenumi maksimuma kapacito. Speciale, vi komensos via trajnata dieto morgaŭ."


Sep. 29th, 2010 06:26 pm
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I was intending to write fanfic. I ended up writing depressing vaguely fanfic-related poetry in Esperanto. WTF, brain.

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Along with the 1980s stuff, my novel seems to feature the language Esperanto, so I thought it would be nice if I had some practice?

For those who have for some reason never heard of the language, it’s a constructed language meant to make it easier for people to communicate. Most Esperanto speakers learned it as teens or adults – there are precious few people who have Esperanto as a native language.

The bit under the cut is a few sentences I wrote in Esperanto. I am still working on fluency, but I think at least some of my basics are sound. (Native speaker I am not.) It’s a bit rantish and has a four-letter word in the end.

Oh, and someone at AO3 noticed I was writing Esperanto fanfic (I always kept meaning to mention this to support, but I forgot….) and now I can select Esperanto as a language on that site! I’m probably the only Esperantist on the site, but still, I get more hits than I do on ffn for those stories, so I might as well just keep posting there.

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Apr. 12th, 2010 01:24 pm
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Occasionally, I like to try my hand at writing in Esperanto. I’m not going to translate this fic; the most important part is that I wrote it.

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A Kamen Rider Kiva fic, in Esperanto and English. Here so I don't run up my hit count there.

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Jul. 28th, 2008 06:49 am
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I rarely post stuff in Esperanto on Mostly because I find it hard to write in the language, also because, well, people only seem to read it when they're bored and hitting my profile.

I just got a review on Mocriproĉaj Vortoj, my one Esperanto fanfic. It's Kamen Rider Kiva, set episode 13.

Saluton! Mi feliĉas, ke mi finfine trovis kiel serĉi rakontojn per lingvo. Ŝajnas, ke ni havas malgrandan komunumon de Esperantlingvaj verkistoj. Hura!
Mi ŝatis vian rakonton malgraŭ, ke mi ne konas la karakterojn.

Hello! I'm happy that I finally found how to search stories by language. Apparently, we have a small community of Esperanto-language writers. Hooray! I like your story, though I don't know the characters.

I'd like to know how he did a language-only search on ffn, but I'm hardly complaining.

Incidentally, is doing a graphical stats-type program to eventually replace/merge with the stats section. The graphical stats are nice and pretty, but I hope that they continue to have the stats section, because it's very hard to tell from the graphs which stories got hit if you've got, say 31 fics.
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Well, I managed to write something, or at least managed to revive my flagging Esperanto abilities a little. (And mangled the language, but that's another thing.)

Now that has a language category for Esperanto, I wrote a tiny little fic in it. So I am the only Power Rangers Esperanto-language author now. It doesn't show up on the default English PR listing; you have to especially select Esperanto.

I've had some calls to translate the silly thing, and I've done so in an LJ-cut.

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