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Dec. 9th, 2006 10:44 pm
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I decided to get into the writing spirit so that I could work on my two current projects (continuing "Discovering the Sun" and working on my promise to Beth to finish "Different Assignments, Same Idea").

More or less drawing names out of a virtual hat, I came up with five drabbles. They're untitled because they were writing exercises, but by some coincidence, they're all tokusatsu. Those who are Tokusatsu fans are welcome to guess what series and what characters are featured in each drabble. (They're all crossovers, believe it or not!)

1) Hiyori stopped at the sight of the man juggling the balls, not totally entertained by what he was doing but still staring none the less. The man had no place to put money, no plea for donations. So why was he doing this?

She asked him that.

"Because it makes people smile," he said simply.

Shaking her head at his words, Hiyori continued on her way.


2) He could have sworn he put somebody under arrest. Somebody very important under arrest.

But Ichijou couldn't remember who, or why. He hated feeling that way, not knowing what was going on. Not knowing, not seeing, once again.

Ichijou looked around, as if to remember what he'd been doing. He got a glimpse of a man in black, in sunglasses, in black, and remembered what he'd been planning to do. He raised his gun; the man smiled and took off his sunglasses.

As he moved forward, the man disappeared, and Ichijou frowned.

What was he doing, again?


3) Kenzaki walked through the park near the Tokyo Tower, something he hadn't dared to do for a while. He could only stop a short while in Tokyo; much longer, and he'd come to the attention of Tachibana, or worse, Hajime.

But he liked Tokyo, and missed Tokyo, and one day wouldn't kill him. He had a lifetime to come back, but he came back today.

As the young man in the apron ran by him, cellphone in hand, he looked reflexively over his shoulder. Undead? No, they were all sealed.

Nothing was coming his way. Kenzaki relaxed.


4) Masumi looked boredly at the exibits at the SGS museum, still wishing he'd gotten away when he'd had a chance. Not that Akashi Satoru would let him get away, not now.

He was caught, he knew it, so he consoled himself by frowning at the new guides.

One of them caught his eye, someone his age. Probably looking for anything to do that would pay. The other strode towards him, eyeing his jacket. Probably knew that he was important.

He looked at the nametag. Kamijou Mutsuki. Then Masumi turned away. He was still bored, and everybody knew it.


5) Todoroki had seen lots of things in his life. He'd started out in his professional career as a police officer, then became Oni. Between them, he'd seen plenty of strange monsters, both human and... otherwise.

But even he hadn't seen everything. The monster that rushed by was nothing he'd ever seen, not anywhere. And then the man in the green-and-black jumpsuit rushed by. S.P.D. Todoroki had heard of them, never seen the intergalactic police.

Of course, he was concerned with other things. Saving the world. Saving others.

He, too, fought to save.


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