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I’m doing the helpthesouth auction… though for sanity’s sake, I’m limiting it to a handful of fandoms. My thread.

Not that I need a whole lot of impetus to write, but I figured I’d do something nice for once. I’m offering my big Kamen Rider fandoms (Blade, Den-O, Kabuto, Kiva) and my bigger PR fandoms (Time Force, Dino Thunder, Ninja Storm, and yeah, RPM), along with a handful of other series I’ve written in the past. Starting bid is $3.

That being said, I’m also looking for prompts for the yearly ficspam I do mid-June. So, if you are so inclined, leave me a prompt, and I’ll try to accomplish it. I probably won’t be writing huge long stuff, as I’ll be working on any auction fic, and I have finishathon due later that month. (I’m working on “Losing Touch”, if anyone remembers that one.)

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I did get my finish-a-thon assignment today. It's "Kuroonningen". I will be working on it for hopefully less than the next two months.

That being said, after talking to Beth on the phone day before yesterday, I have made a new rule: no giving stories names that I cannot pronounce. I really cannot pronounce "Clone" with a katakana accent. (The title literally means "Clone Human". Why it's named that way is a very long story.)

If I do get that done, I'm hoping to start on the fic that got second place, which is "Losing Touch".

I want to thank both [ profile] obsesivemuch and [ profile] capncosmo for putting their votes in. I value the time they took on this. I will finish "Losing Touch" and "Unwanted Wings" someday, finish-a-thon or not....
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If anybody's interested, the voting for the finish-a-thon is up. There are 44 of us that you can vote on the stories for (or not, as you prefer) in 2 1/2 posts. The post I've linked to has the links to all sections. I'm in section 1, by the way.

(I'm half surprised at the current leader at the vote, but at least it's one of the four that I've started....)

ETA: If you're too intimidated to vote for 44 different peoples' plot bunnies and just want to vote on mine, it's here. (The second vote's for participants only, so don't vote in the second entry if you're not.) Just watch for the poll closing time, which is 10 PM Australian Eastern Standard Time on the 30th.

Edit 2:
Assuming Ernesto doesn't knock the datacenter out, here's the links to the four that have parts to them:
Kuroonningen (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)
Losing Touch (Power Rangers Dino Thunder)
Webbed In (Kamen Rider Blade)
Unwanted Wings (rewrite) (Kamen Rider Kabuto)
"Dust to Dust" is in plot bunny form ("Shape of... a plot bunny!") only.
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If you have neglected plot bunnies, and especially if you have 3-10 plot bunnies that have been neglected because of all those fic-a-thons and theme communities you've signed up for, then the Finish-a-thon might be for you. Be sure to read the rules, since the maintainer is *not* kidding about them.

Personally, I'd like to see some people in fandoms I write in sign up. Since most/all of my stuff that I'm planning on putting up for votes is Power Rangers or tokusatsu-fandom related, I'd be especially appreciative if I'm not the only one putting up stories in fandoms that nobody else in the finish-a-thon has heard of.
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I think I am going to do the finish-a-thon, which I'm sure [ profile] kerravonsen will announce sometime in the next two weeks.

Last year's turnout was a bit Blake's 7 heavy, so I'm hoping that maybe some people in the fandoms I frequent (Tomorrow People, Power Rangers, or Tokusatsu) might think about this too.

The idea of this ficathon is to work on one of your plot bunnies. Last year was interesting because you gave a list of your plot bunnies that you wanted to finish, and then the other participants (and random other people) voted for the one they thought you should write.

I got a Time Trax/Forever Knight crossover that I'd put on the list assigned to me. I think it's because more people had heard of Forever Knight and/or Time Trax, and were more willing to vote for them. This year, I'm leaving anything that's not Tokusatsu/Power Rangers off the list, in hopes that people will vote for the idea rather than a familiar show. (To do so, I struck the first item off yesterday's list, and resolved to finish it in December or January instead.)

Wherein I mention my three Kamen Rider and two Power Rangers bunnies )
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I'm nattering on about NaNoWriMo and the Finish-a-thon, so I've lj-cut both, as well as one icon I'm posting.

NaNoWriMo plans )

And an icon )

Finish-a-thon )


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